Heluva Good Greek Style Yogurt Dip Review

Disclaimer:  I am working with Mom Central Consulting on this review.  I was provided coupons in order to buy and use the product in this post.  All opinions are my own.

Heluva Good Dip Review

Heluva Good products are my go-to snack for parties!  Whether it be my own party or a party where I'm asked to bring something, Heluva Good always has the perfect item.  They have so many amazing dips, condiments and cheeses to choose from that it would be hard to have a party without them.  Not to mention that these products come in so many flavors and varieties that I am able to find something for everyone.

 I was recently contacted to review the New Heluva Good Greek Style yogurt Dip.  My jaw dropped.....  How did one of my favorite company's  release a new product and I had no clue about it!!  After reading about it I couldn't wait to try Greek Style Yogurt dip :).

I wont lie it was hard to find!  After stopping at 3 stores I finally found it at my local Weis.  (This could be why I didn't know Heluva  Good came out with a new product!)
I was surprised to see its 1/3 the fat and 37% fewer calories then Hummus.  As someone who just started a diet I was VERY impressed.   The Greek Style yogurt dip is health-conscious, but it still  has those amazing bold flavors that we have all come to associate with Heluva Good products :) 

There is 4 Greek Style Yogurt dips:

With those amazing flavors it was hard to pick 2!  In the end I choose French Onion and Herb Ranch with my 2 free coupons.  Unable to stop myself I also grabbed the Fire Roasted Vegetables too.

When I was at the store I decided I wanted to shop for a few things to use my new dip on.  I thought veggies, chips and pretzels for sure.  The thing is I didn't want to be boring so I really put a lot of thought into this and came up with grilled chicken wraps!!  I LOVE these they are a quick healthy snack that is easy to make, but has an amazing taste. 
I thought instead of putting on lite mayo or ranch why not use the Herb Ranch Greek Style Yogurt dip!!  

All I have to say is YUM!!  I was so amazed with all the creamy goodness.   It really took my chicken wrap to a whole new level!!  The flavors are so intense!
 My hubby now insists on taking a little bit to work each day so he can dip his sandwiches and chips :).
This was also great on carrots, pretzels, pita chips and crackers.  I'm sure there is many more things it would taste amazing on, but for now this is all I tried.
I have a feeling the Herb Ranch would taste really good on hot wings!

I really want to try the Fire Roasted Vegetable on an omelet!  I think I will have that Sunday for breakfast.

Heluva Good products will always have a place at my parties and this new Greek Style Yogurt dip is no different.  I have a feeling all the guest are going to be demanding to know where they can buy their own.

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