Little Green Trike Shoe Company review

Disclaimer:  The products in this post were given to me for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.
Whoot time to review our first pair of Back-To-School Shoes!!!

I waited last minute to get shoes, because it seems my little guys feet have been growing double time lately!  Last year at this time he was in 8 1/2 ~ 9 now he is in 11.  My bank account can't seem to keep up with his feet :).
 So I was glad to get some help this year with school shoes :)

Little Green Trike Shoe Company review 

I recently came across a company that I instantly fell in love with; Little Green Trike Shoe Company.  They have both toddler and big kid shoes.

I was able to review a pair from their Sproutin' Up - which are designed for children wearing sizes 11-1.  I wanted to mention their other shoes though before I jumped into my review.

Their Squeaky Feet shoes are designed for smaller children. They come in sizes 3-10 and have a small squeak that encourage “Proper Heel-to-Toe Toddlin".  These are perfect for little feet with their soft yet durable soles.  Even though I was not sent a pair of these to review.  I'm hoping to buy my youngest Quinn a pair for Christmas.  I know he will love the Squeak.

My Review:

Little Green Trike Shoe Company has 3 amazing shoes as part of their Boy's Sproutin' Up collection.  Unlike their Squeaky Feet shoes these do not Squeak. They are high quality and very stylish.  Giving older kids the chance to wear Little Green Trikes awesome shoes :)
My little guy was able to review Sproutin' Up Grant Navy and Orange Shoe.  I'm sure you can see from the photo how stylish they are.  I was so impressed with how durable they are!!  They remind me of miniature grown up shoes :)!  They are def. built to last and have my little guy strutting himself around lol.  I like that there is no actually tying.  My little guy is really struggling with tying his shoe and I was so afraid it would be an issue when he went to kindergarten this year.  I no longer have to worry!!  They have the "lace"  look without really having laces :).  

My little guy loves his new shoes and I love knowing he has high quality shoes that will last him a long time.  Quinn is even excited as the youngest he has gotten a lot of hand me downs and seeing how durable these shoes are I know they will make it to him in a few years :)!!

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