Nature's Own Bread review

disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.

Get ready for another Back-To-School post!!  So even though I'm putting today's post as a Back-To-School post I want you to know these products can be used year round every day!

Nature's Own Bread Review

I know some of you are wonder why I have Bread as a B2S post.  Well let me explain I know bread is used everyday, year round non-stop, but for the school year it seems kids eat twice as much.  Why you may ask?  What else are we suppose to put into the lunch boxes?!?!
My son is a picky eater...  I mean really REALLY picky I don't see him eating too many school lunches so I have a feeling I will be packing quite a bit.  
With him consuming so much bread I wanted to make sure he was getting only the best.
So to the internet I went in search of the best.

I found Nature's Own:
Has no artificial preservatives
no colors
no flavors 
Contains no HFCS 
 no trans fats or cholesterol 
 Is low fat 
Offers varieties with whole grain, higher fiber, lower calories, and omega 3

Ummmm did anyone else's jaw just drop!  I was so impressed with all these facts and even more impressed when I seen all their product choices.
Several kinds of bread includeding:
Whole Grain Bread
Whole Wheat Brear
Honey Wheat Bread
7 grain bread
whole grain sugar free bread
reduced calorie bread
premium specialty bread
and so much more!!

Lots of buns in rolls including:
Whole wheat sandwich
whole wheat hot dog buns
butter buns
honey rolls
These are only a few of the many!

They also have white breads, sandwich round and breakfast choices!!

I could go on forever listing all their products.  Instead I want to talk about the 3 I was able to review:
100% Whole wheat bread is perfect for sandwiches and toast!  I love knowing that when I feed my kids nature's own they are getting the best possible!  My little guy is going to run to lunch to dig into his Nature's own peanut butter sandwich or cheese sandwich! 

Nest I was able to review healthy Multi-Grain Sandwich rounds.  I LOVE these!!  My hubby and I eat turkey, Swiss and mustard sandwiches all the time.  I know kinda boring, but its our go to comfort food.  The Multi-Grain Sandwich rounds took our comfort food to a whole new level of yumminess!!  So good and had us craving more.  I can't wait to put these in my little guys lunch box.

Last but not least was Can-berry Orange Oatmeal toaster.  All I have to say is WOW!  I never had anything like this before and to be honest I'm not even sure I can do it justice it was soooooo GOOD!  I simply popped it in the toaster and bam instant breakfast :).  Its a bagel crossed with bread with yummy fruit and oats mixed together to make an awesome breakfast!  I normally go all out for breakfast with pancakes, toast, and some sort of meat.  On days when we are in a hurry I normally throw cereal in a bowl....  Well now I have a new go to quick meal.  We didn't even need to put any spread on, the fruit gave it all the flavor it needed.  I could even let my little guys eat this in the car on the way to school!

 I love all the Nature's own products I was able to try and I can't wait to go to the store and buy more!  I know for a fact that no matter what my little guy pack for lunch that at least 1 Nature's own product with make it into his lunch box!

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