Seattle’s Best Frozen Coffee blends review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Seattle’s Best Frozen Coffee blends review and giveaway 

Get excited, because for the first time ever we now have coffee in the freezer aisle!! Seattle's Best is the first major coffee brand to cross over from the coffee aisle to the freezer case to give us an affordable, easy to make frozen coffee drinks at home.  I was so excited when I see this!  I'm sure most of us know summer is brutal I personally don't want to drink a hot coffee I'm already hot enough!  When I seen there was a Frozen Coffee option I was like 'Thank god someone else finally gets it!'  Its now possible to get your morning boost with out adding unnecessary heat to your day.

Before I tell you what I think I want to give you some facts:
 Seattle's Best Frozen coffee is made with high-quality, 100-percent arabica coffee beans in four varieties: 
Coffee Chiller
 Creamy Caramel
 Very Vanilla
 Mega Mocha
Only 130 calories or less, just 10 grams of sugar and zero trans fats Each package provides two, eight-ounce servings when prepared as directed. 

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My hubby and I are in awe!  We already love Seattle's Best so we knew flavor wouldn't be an issue with us.  What we were worried about was can an at home Frozen coffee blend really taste that good?  YES, yes it can!  I was so impressed that something made at home tasted just as good as a coffee house Frozen blend.  The taste was perfect and it made enough for my hubby and I to enjoy and have some left over!  If you are looking for the Seattle's Best Frozen Coffee Blends I found mind at Target and walmart.  I was surprised also that they are so affordable   I think my hubby and I have found our new favorite summer treat :)

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