Renuzit Review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  The Renuzit brand provided me with sample Renuzit cones in exchange for a product review.  However, all opinions are my own.

Renuzit New Adjustable Cones Review and giveaway

The first day I moved into my home I had BIG dreams!  I was pregnant with Brandon Jr and was seeing my new house as a place I wanted to turn into a home.  I remember standing in my kitchen and thinking of all the things I would bake with my kids.  I remember going into my bathroom and thinking of bubble baths.  I remember walking into my soon to be nursery and picturing all the bedtime stories and playtime's I would be having with my little guy.  I looked over at my hubby who had taking off his shoes and shirt to finish hanging molding.  It was in that room when it hit me.....  That horrible eye watering smell.  My hubby's shoes and shirt.  Don't get me wrong I love the man, but I suddenly realized boys stink!  I turned around to escape the room when I ran into my dogs and dear lord was that stench coming from them.

LOL yes I am being silly, but the truth is that as much as I love my home sometimes it doesn't smell the way I want it to.  When someone walks into my living room I want them to get a beautiful breeze, not smell my hubby's work shoes.  I think it would be nice to have every room in my house smell like something different.  That can get expensive though, well at least I thought it would.  

I was really excited when I was chosen to review the New Renuzit Adjustable cones.  Not only do they smell amazing, but they are so affordable!  They come in 18 amazing scents so everyone is sure to find something they are going to love!  They are available in original White Cone and new Black Cone with Premium Scents. They can be purchased at Walmart,  with so many amazing smells it was hard to pick which one to try!  Plus I love how sleek and stylish the new cones look.

Being a Purex insider gave me the chance to try 4 scents:
After the Rain
Simply Vanilla
Tahitian Breeze
Hawaiian Oasis

I was so impressed with how all of these smelled.  The cone itself is really easy to use.  You simply tear off the bottom plastic, twist and then lift to your desired height.  I mean really making our homes smell great can't get much easier :)/

I knew right away that I wanted to use Simply Vanilla in my kitchen.  I have a large kitchen and I was really impressed with how easily the cone scent was able to cover the entire area.  

Next I used After the Rain in my bathroom.  Out of the 4 scents I tried this was my favorite.  It smells really fresh and crisp.  

I used Tahitian Breeze in my bedroom and again I was really impressed with how amazing it smelled.

I wanted to great creative with my final scent and after a long debate I realized my car could use a little scent help.  I mean I use my car to transport my kids to and from sport practice, I have to put my pup in there when going to the vet or groomer and I have to put trash bags in there to take my hubby's grandmother.  By the end of each week my car normally has a pretty horrid smell!  Now thanks to Renuzit when I open my car doors all I can smell is the tropical smell of Hawaiian Oasis!

Keeping our homes perfect is tough and worrying about guest smelling something unpleasant can be a thing of the past.  Let Renuzit help you make your house smell like a home!  
Use the cones to freshen up a bathroom, give you kitchen that amazing baked good smell, cover up a bad laundry room scent, stick them near a trash can or you can even use them to improve a smelly car!


So many many choices and so many uses for one amazing product.
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I was given 10 $1 off coupons.  I have not used any myself, but I'm pretty sure $1 off will make the product free.
I gave some out to family and friends and I now have 6 left.

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