Anchor Bay Entertainment Tickety Toc “Chime Time Adventures” DVD review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Anchor Bay Entertainment Tickety Toc “Chime Time Adventures”  DVD review

I'm sure you seen from yesterdays review that Quinn LOVES Tickety Toc.  So as I'm sure you know when I was offered the chance to review the DVD I was beyond excited!  For those of you who never seen Ticket Toc its a super cute kids TV show!  With lots of lovable characters and fun plot lines for little ones.  My little guy can be heard yelling "Chime Time" through out the house when his Tickety Toc is on :)
The debut DVD in the Tickety Toc series follows  twins Tommy and Tallulah as they race to chime time, but as every hour passes and the clock springs to life, things don't always run so smoothly! The first-ever six episode collection introduces us to the twins and their adorable friends – Pufferty, McCoggins, Tooteroo, Madame Au Lait, Battersby, Chikidee and Hopparoo.
We follow them on a wild storybook adventure!    In “Chime Time Adventures,” the Tick Tocketeers attempt daring circus acts, wow a crowd with amazing magic tricks, play a giant game of Tickety-Tag and delight in a marvelously messy photo day!  

The episodes include: “Story Time,” “Painting Time,” “Show Time,” “Bath Time,” “Photo Time” and “Play Time.”  

Released: 9/10/13
Run Time: 68 minutes

This show is absolutely adorable I hope you will take the time to enjoy it with your little one.  I love how much fun each episode is and the fact all the characters are sweet.  My Quinn never misses an episode!