Giant Microbes Review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.
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Giant Microbes Review and giveaway 

I know a few of you are dying to know what is a Giant Microbes?
They are are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes.  They are a perfect, fun and friendly way to teach kids about microbes (Sickness.)  A few months ago my little guy had a horrible cold, my friend went and got him a Giant Microbes plush!  Even though my little guy still felt horrible from his cold the plush put a huge smile on his face.  Afterwards he couldn't stop showing people his stuffed toy and explaining to them that it use to be inside of him lol  Yes we got quite a few raised eyebrows at that line.

When I found out that Giant Microbes had Christmas Ornaments I just knew they had to be part of my Holiday Gift Guide!  I choose the wreath which came with white blood cell, sore throat, stomach ache, nerve cell and amoeba.  Not only are these super cute, but they made my oldest (Brandon Jr) ask all sorts of questions.  I love teaching my little guys new things so anything that has them asking questions and wanting to learn gets a HUGE thumbs up from me!

The Christmas wreath is only one of many things offered by Giant Microbes.  I was looking at their site and could not believe all the choices!  I think these would be really cute to buy and put away for a day your little one gets sick.  I know it will help to put a smile on their face to see the germ inside of them.  Also the have adult items like egg cell and venereals (STD) plush I know you are wondering why I mentioning these....  Well even though my oldest is only 5 I so DREAD the talk and I have a feeling that maybe if I use plush dolls it may make the talk a little easier...  Plus I can put a venereal doll in his bed and make him think twice before doing anything.  I know that sounds like crazy mom talk lol

As I'm sure anyone who knows me will tell you I'm addicting to reading!  Once I seen the book worm I just knew I had to have it :)  Its def. making its way to my Christmas wish list.

There is to many to list, but I hope you will take the time to check out the site and see everything!  They even have a bad breath plush.  If you know anyone with constant bad breath this would be a cute (and effective) way to tell them.

The Giant Microbes are cute and educational!  Not only will they make a great gift, but they are sure to put a smile on anyone's face!  I can't wait to decorate my tree this year and show off my Giant Microbes :)

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