Educational Toy Plant review

Educational Toy Plant review

When growing up a huge part of childhood is playing!  I can safely say my kiddos spend more then half their day in some form of play.  Whether it be their  car toys, regular toys, bath toys and the stuffed animals in their bed regardless of where we are they always have some type of toy.  When your a kid life is just one huge play time.  That is great and all, but as parents we want them to be getting more.  I want my kids to have toys that will enrich their minds and enhance their education.  Play time is fun but it should also be used to build their skills.

If anyone's kids are like mine the words enrich your mind and learning is enough to make them run in the opposite direction lol
The key is to get them to learn without them realizing it.
And I found the toys to do just that! I was super excited to find Educational Toy Plant they have so many toys!  Their toys are not only super fun for kids, but they also enrich their minds at play time!!

They have toys for all ages and so many different categories it would take me forever to list them all.  So today I'm going to focus on the Toys for 6 year olds.
As some of you may know Brandon Jr turned 6 on Friday so this post is in honor of his B-day!!

 Educational Toys Planet 6 year old section offers cool educational toys for every 6 year old boy or girl: high-tech or low-tech, classic or innovative.  The thing I love though is that they all have lots of play value for your 6 year old!  You def. get your money's worth.  They have so much and all at a great price!  I personally have my eye on the SeaScope Land and Underwater Telescope 

I know my 6 year old will LOVE it!  I have a feeling Santa may be leaving this under my tree come Christmas morning!  They also have scientist kits, costumes, model kits, math games, puzzles and so much more!  Each and every item is perfect for any 6 year old.  

Like I said before our kids spend so much time playing why not let them learn as they play?  Christmas is right around the corner wouldn't it be awesome to give your children a gift that they will love getting and you can feel good about giving?
Oh and not only are these games perfect for at home play they would be awesome for a class room too!  So teachers if you are looking for something to give your class room that extra something you definitely want to check out Educational Toy Plant! 

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