Hot Dots Let's Master Reading And Math Sets By Educational Insights review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Hot Dots Let's Master Reading And Math Sets By Educational Insights review

My little guy loves Kindergartner!  He can't wait each day to go see his buddies and to learn.  He is still at the age where learning is fun.  The only issue with my son is that when he doesn't know something or struggles to learn it he get so upset.  My hubby and I try really hard at home to help it, but we aren't teachers and we don't have the slightest clue what he needs or how to approach teaching him.

We depend on tools and programs to help us.  Recently I had the chance to review Hot Dots Let's Master Reading and Math sets.
The new Hot Dots Let's Master sets are for grade levels Pre-K to Grade 3. Each grade specific 2 book set is full of important skills that children need to master at each grade level in reading or math. The sets all come with a Hot Dots interactive pen and there are 100 lessons on either math or reading and language art skills. Fifteen of the 100 lessons are challenge activities that prepare children for skills at the next grade level.
 Each set is $24.99 and is currently available excluslively at Educational Insights

I knew these sets would be perfect for helping my little guy and I was so right!  First off I love the fact the books are easy to read and have colorful pages.  It didn't read like a textbook which was perfect considering my 6 year old would have lost interest fast.  So a huge thumbs up for making the book itself kid friendly.
Next I loved how the pen would light up and give encouraging audio.  This again helped.  My son learns best if he is having fun and the Hot Dot's is def. fun.

Kids use Hot Dots by reading question and then using their pen to answer them.
The reading book covered:
Letter recognition 
Reading Readiness
sight words 

My little guy LOVED this!  Some of the words he already knew and I would see him smile and get so proud of himself.  Other words he didn't know Hot Dots helped him learn and I could tell that he was getting it.  By the end of the week he knew a lot more answer then when he first began.

The math set covered:

Counting & Numbers 
 Math Facts

I love that they covered money!  You have no clue how many times my little guy would have 2 dollars and think he was getting $100 worth of stuff!  The sooner he learns the value of a dollar the better :)

I want my little guy to succeed in life I want him to have the skills it takes to do good.  Right now at his age I have to help him build a foundation and Hot Dots helps me do that.  It helps him learn tools and assets he will use for the rest of his life and also helps to build his confidence.  
I'm amazed by this product!  I plan to buy Quinn the Pre-k set to help him be ready for kindergarten in a few years.

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