Spin Master Games review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Spin Master Games review

One thing you can count on each year is games making their way to the Hot Toy list.  Each year we see the newest and funnest games hit the market and we are all eager to get our hands on them.  I have a really tight-knit family.  We do everything together and we are always having game nights, movies nights, football night ect..  If we can find a reason to get together we do.  My kids have really developed a love or games because of this and have listed several on their wish list.
When Spin Master agreed to review with I was super excited because I knew their games were at the top of my kiddos list :)

I didn't know for sure which games I would get, but when I opened the box and seen Boom Boom Balloon I couldn't believe my luck!  This was the number 1 game listed at the top of Brandon Jr's list!!!

In Boom Boom Balloon you just roll the die and CAREFULLY push in a stick until it clicks. Watch as the balloon squishes, squeezes, and stretches…will the next click make it pop?


I have seen this game on several on the Hot Toy list this year and just knew I had to get it for him.  Every time an advertisement comes on he excitedly shouts I want that one mom!
Now it is a Christmas gift so I didn't let him see it yet, but I carefully took it from the box.
The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to set up.  It literally took me only a minute or 2.  That is including the time it took to blow up a balloon.
The game is really easy to play!  No complicated instructions that little kids wont understand.
The pieces are durable so I'm not worried about the sticks snapping.
It comes with 12 balloons, but when you run out you can just go buy your own to replace them :)
Made for 2 or more players
no batteries required
age 8+
Toys R Us Link
Amazon Link (Cheapest price that I have found so far)

Next I was able to review Logo Party!  My brother and I LOVE the original Logo and we both couldn't wait to play the New Logo Party.

Logo Party is a whole different way to experience your favorite brands. Now with four exciting categories, Draw It, Describe It, Do It and Reveal It, its not what you know that counts its what you do! Get your teammates to guess brands by giving them clues based upon the four ways to play!
You have your teammates try to guess brands by the clues you give.  You make your way to the Logo Party space and then have to answer a revel it card to win.
This game is so fun and its funny to see what sort of clues people give!  Its sure to have everyone laughing out-loud.  As much as I LOVE the game I'm horrible at the drawing part :)
Its a game the whole family will enjoy.  My little guys love the Do It cards they always mock us and make us laugh even harder :)
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Walmart Link

The last Game I was able to review is HEDBANZ Act Up.

Hedbanz Act Up is the fast-acting family game where everyone’s a star! Each player draws a game card and puts it in their headband for everyone else to see. On your turn roll the dice – whoever’s headband matches your roll will act out clues to your card. Can you guess what’s on your head before time runs out?
I love the fact you can't talk and have to act!  This was so much fun watching everyone try to imitate things :)
I was afraid my oldest wouldn't be able to play, but all I had to do was whisper in his ear what he was suppose to act out and he did it!  I was super impressed at how well he did!  I wont lie I think he was better than me.
I checked out the internet and they actually have different forms of this game.  One of which being Disney Hedbanz.

 Hedbanz Act Up is family fun for 2-6 players, age 8+. 
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I'm super impressed with the games Spin Master Has come out with this year! Then again I'm not surprised considering I have been enjoying Spin Master games for so many years now!