Friday, November 15, 2013

Worx Toys Review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Worx Toys Review

Worx Toys was revolutionized by three fathers who had an idea for a new type of toy that not only stimulates curiosity in children, but also helps them discover how things work!  Not to mention they have fun as they learn.  My dad and brother work on all types or motor vehicles.  My oldest is always up in the garage trying to help them work.  For the most part he just hands them towels or puts something back on their tool bench.  He loves it though, seeing the engine and learning things.  
When I found out Worx Toys had transparent exterior toys that left kids see inside to see how things worked I was in love instantly!  When I contacted them to do a review I was beyond ecstatic when I got a reply back saying YES!

I personally was able to review the Throttle Motorcycle.
It has over 10 different learning features to show you how a motorcycle works.
You can enter codes into the keyboard to see each part come to life.
Real motorize action and 60 MPH speed scale.
Program mode lets children create 3 unique sequences. 
Remote compatible.
Comes with a hard cover story book.
And my personal favorite.... its parent sound friendly meaning its not overly loud!

I love how when you enter the codes its makes real life sounds and lights actions.  My little guy loves it and keeps telling my dad and brother now he will be able to help them work on their vehicles.

Throttle is just one of the many play and learn toys offered at Worx Toys!  They also have cars, trucks, rockets and helicopters.
Any of these will make the perfect gift for the little boy in your life :)

If you wish to learn more see my link below:


  1. what a wonderful toy my son would love it

  2. This is a really cool toy! I think my husband would love this for himself. LOL

  3. My goddaughter keeps grabbing the little motorcycle toy that was acquired sometime in the last 12 years and I'm not sure where or how..... This would be cute for her.

  4. How cool is that! My daughter loves things like this and would love to see the inner workings of her toy :)

  5. this is so neat. My son would love this

  6. Well now, THIS looks fun! My son would have loved this when he was a little guy! He also would have enjoyed the helicopter (and I'm sure several other items at Worx Toys!

  7. nice toys, i want to buy for my kids

  8. wow! my son would love the rockets :) Great gift idea! Thanks!!

  9. My boys would love this as well. LOL at your little guy saying he could help. I'm sure he would. :)

  10. That is super, I like a toy that can interact with the child. He will enjoy reading while having fun