Grover & Friends review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Grover & Friends review 

Confession time...  Sometimes I think my hubby takes fashion advice from a 5th grader!  LOL He seems to think its okay to wear hoodies and should-have-been thrown away jeans.  You know the ones us women cringe at.

Now my hubby and I are close, super close we tell each other everything.  Even so I have a hard time telling the man he has no fashion sense.  So I went in search of a way to "fix" it.  A way to get my hubby to dress better without hurting his feelings.
I found that way with Grover & Friends
Let me tell you about the main company Grover.  They are a Los Angeles based Men's Apparel brand focused on quality apparel. All of their materials are made entirely in the USA.  So not only am I upgrading my hubby's wardrobe I'm always supporting american made items! They just recently grown their business to include a Subscription Box for men called Grover & Friends.
Basically they ship monthly apparel from Groover and that of their "friends."  The"friends" being up and coming , unique, and boutique brands. 

So who is this box great for you may ask??
I think it great for Dads and/or is a great gift for women who want their man to upgrade his wardrobe.  You can gift it to any man you think is in need of an upgrade.

I couldn't wait to get my box.  Like I said hubby needs an upgrade.  I decided to save it for Christmas and had my little brother come over to model the clothing for you :)

Okay we reviewed an awesome wallet made by Clark & Madison.  My hubby has what we call the over-sized wallet.  It nice when we go on a big shopping trip and he needs access to lots of reward cards/credit cards.  The thing is there is room for nothing!  So if he has an important card it gets lost in the mix.  It will be nice to have this slimmer card holder to put his important cards in so that they are easily accessed :)

Next came the tee!  My hubby has tees, but most of him have obnoxious photos or saying on them.  It was time he got a grown up tee.  This is a Grover Tee.  Just a basic layer tee that goes great with any outfit.

And this sweater!  I was most excited about this!  I'm so sick of looking at hoodies this is such an improvement! 
It is the Grover Raglan Tee.  Its super durable and I'm sure you can see very stylish!  I can't wait until Christmas to give it to my hubby :)!

Thanks Luke for being a good sport and modeling these great items from Grover and Friends!! 
(And no you can't keep the sweater)

I'm very impressed with Grover & Friends.  Each item in the box is stylish and high quality.
Each month you can add even more style to the man in your life's wardrobe.  These pieces are the foundation to a great wardrobe and must have items for every man's closet.

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