Hallmark Get carded Challenge review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Hallmark Get carded Challenge

Now of days technology has taking over.  If you want to contact a friend you simply send a text message, facebook message, email and so on.
Even with all these tech ways to connect its still nice to get a handwritten card.  Its the sure way to put a huge smile on someones face.  A little something special to show someone you care.

Right now Hallmark is having a get carded Challenge!  What is that you may ask?  For 7 days you send 7 cards to 7 different people!!

I couldn't wait to get started!
First I had to choose 7 loved ones to send a letter too.  Some I sent in the mail other I just handed out.

Meet the list of 7!
Quinn (B-day)
Sister (Brittany)
Brother (Luke)
Aunt (Roxanne)

Day 1
Nov 23 - Quinn's Birthday was Nov 22 but he party was the 23. The one thing he loves is music!  So of course when I seen the singing card it had to go to him.  My little guy danced and smiled and was so happy to receive such a special card!

Day 2
Nov 24 my sister and I have a weird relationship.  We say goofy things to each other and just act like weirdos...  Yes that is the best word I could think of to describe us.  So I gave her the women's bathroom card.  It says "Sometimes I giggle to myself about something you said and it makes the people in the other stalls nervous"
We both laughed out-loud!  She told me now every time she uses a public stall she is going to remember this card and most likely bust up laughing and really make the people nervous.

Day 3
Nov 25 my little brother has a cold.  By the way when I say little brother I made my 21 year old brother who is about 6' 5"  :)
Anyway he got a cold so I gave him the Winnie the Pooh and tigger card.  It was about losing his bounce and hopping it gets it back soon :).

Day 4
Nov 26 My moms card meant a lot to me.  My mom has always been here for me and has done a lot for me.  I wanted to give her a card to let her know how much it means to me so she got the inspirational card.
You Can't Stop the waves
but you can learn how to surf
life is good.
I wrote her a special note thanking her to teach me how to surf....  Not really surf but a meteorically surf.

Day 5
Nov 27 My dad is a brat and if he feels left out he get whiny.. Yes my dad whines. So he got the Sushi card.
~If life were a sushi roll, you'd be the spicy tuna.
Or maybe the rice holding everything together.
I don't have this totally figured out.~
My dad may whine, but he is the heart of the family.  So I wanted to give him a card that expressed this.
He got a huge smile not only because it was sweet, but it was funny.  Hallmark cards are beautiful and well crafted.

Day 6
Nov 28 My grandmother got the Thanksgiving card!  Every year she goes to extreme lengths to make the holidays special for everyone.  So getting this card to let her know how much we appreciate her was special!  It made me feel bad for not doing it years before.  

Day 7
Nov 29 My aunt and I are black Friday warriors lol.  Every year we are running around from mall to mall scoring the best deals.  And I earned my warrior title last year..  I was injured....  I was half asleep and not paying attention and walked off the curb and hurt my ankle :)  hehe okay maybe not the wound you thought I would have got on black Friday, but still!!
Anyway I sent her the black card....  Because you know BLACK Friday.
It reads
"This Card HAS NO purpose.
I sent it anyway"
Then I wrote, you better be ready for black Friday shopping.
She called me laughing asking if I was trying to be goofy! 

I had so much fun on my Get Carded Challenge!  Hallmark has a card for everything :).  I hope you will take the time to check them out.

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