Heartfelt Letters From Santa review

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Heartfelt Letters From Santa!

My boys leave milk and cookies every year for Santa Claus and a carrot outside for his reindeer.  They also write him a letter to thank him for visiting them on Christmas.  

Wouldn't it be super cute if Santa were to magically write back!  To leave them a magical message that would stay with them forever!?!?!

 Well now he can :)

Veronica Steck the amazing mother of 3 is spreading the Christmas magic with “Heartfelt Letters from 

Santa” new this 2013 holiday season. The two-book boxed gift set captures the magic of the 

holiday and helps parents and relatives write letters to the kids from Santa himself!
This is a 2 book set the first book is a parents guide on how to write a letter from Santa and gives great pointers to help you write that letter.  The 2nd book is a keepsake to keep all your letters.  So that years from now our little ones will still have them and may even be able to share them with their kids!  

Starting this year when my kids put out their cookies and milk I'm going to have them put the book out too so "Santa" can write them a special letter.

I can't wait to see my little guys face when they hear what Santa wrote to them.  I know this is going to become a cherished tradition in my home! 
The first photo is the Parent's Guide.
Gives lots of helpful advice :)
Then of course the book for letters :).  Each page has a cute header and then a blank page to write your little ones special letters :)

Please note my photos are of a Advanced readers copy.  The final product may look different. 

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