The Fantasy Box Review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Please note this review is for viewers who are 18+!  If you are not over 18 don't go any further!

The Fantasy Box Review 

Being married and having kids tends to make date night a thing of the past.  I don't have the energy to plan a romantic evening and my hubby's idea of romantic is the Burger King drive thur and listening to the game on the radio.  Ummmm How about a big NO!

The Fantasy Box takes care of all that for you!  Its a Fantasy in a box the ultimate date night!  
There are a lot of subscription boxes out there.  So it can be hard to figure out which ones work and which ones are a fail.  Well I will be the first to tell you that The Fantasy Box is AWESOME! 
I'll get more into why later right now I want to tell you how it works.
Each month you get a discreetly delivered box right to your front door.  That means no having to go out and buy these things.  Trust me I'm one of those people who would be bright red trying to purchase anything adult themed at an actual store.  Next you put a night aside open up your box and let the fun begin.
There are 3 different types of boxes so you can choose what works for you.  Also you can pick your subscription plan.

I have 2 small little guys at home.  It takes all my effort to find a baby sitter let alone plan the night.   Plus when I plan it all the fun and surprise are gone.  This was fun because my hubby and I opened it together.  The man was a bit nervous when he seen I had a camera....  The camera was to take photos for my review.....  Then I had to explain take photos of the box not us!!!  The poor guy was dramatized lol
The box was a communication and anticipation box.
The opening on the box.  
First we open the box and there were 4 cards on top.  They read him, here, leader and follower.

  The him and her cards had fun question for us so we could kinda see what the other liked and didn't like.

We filled this out then had dinner and after dinner we talked about our answers.  This was fun and I learned a few things about my hubby...
This was the communication part of the date.

Next came the Leader and 

To my hubby's great dismay I decided to lead.  One because we agreed the leader got to open the box and I had to take photos.  And two I never get to be in charge so it was a fun change.
My first step was to hand my hubby the blind fold.  He couldn't see anything so I was really in charge.
That is all you are getting lol
I will show you all the fun stuff in the box and let you know me and the hubby had umm fun ;)
My box had

A Blind Fold
A super cute negligee for me
All natural glycerin and paraben free lubricating gel
Le Reve toy
massage candle
and batteries for the toy

It was def. the ultimate date night in the box.  It covered all aspects and I can't wait to see what future boxes contain!
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