NEW ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL Cat Litter review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post because I am a member of Smiley 360.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

NEW ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL Cat Litter review

Hello world its me Jekyll the cat!  That is Quinn he likes to give me kisses and hugs.

I'm guest posting today to tell you about my new favorite cat litter!!

As a cat my life is hard!  I have to sunbath for at least 3 hours each morning.  Then I'm expected to chase a tiny (evil) ball around the house.  There is a bell inside that I swear one day I shall get out.  I have to walk myself back to my dish to eat and several times a day mother yells at me to get off the curtains.... Doesn't she realize just how much fun it is to climb to the top?!?!?!  Oh and at night I'm expected to share my king sized bed with the humans.  Not to mention when I need to use the litter box!!  Did you know my old litter use to stick to my claws and leave dust all over the bathroom.  As much as I like to make mother do work I really dislike when she gets out that broom...  I hate that thing, but mother yells when I attack in when it begins to move.  Again I'm not sure why!

Anyway when I found out we would be using a brand new all improved litter I was beyond excited!  I can't wait to tell you all the reasons why.

1)  This new litter clumps, which yes so did my old litter but it would make little balls of clumps that were impossible to get out.  The new Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal makes big clumps that are easy to remove.
2) Eliminates all odors for 7 days!!  Which means mother doesn't have to change it as much.  Huge plus for me I hate when she messes with my stuff.
3) Leaves very little to not dust on the floors.
4) None sticks to my paws!  Which is great I hate when the broom comes out.
5) Plus its softer on my paws!

I'm loving this new litter and I hope mother will keep buying it!  If you wish to learn more please see our link below:
Oh and I have $3 coupon to share with you so you can save if you decide to try: