Valentine Day Pretzels and DIY Sundae Kit

Valentine Day Pretzels

and DISundae kit!
This year the hubby and I are saving money on V-day gifts.  We of course are going to have a date night where we go to the movies and out to dinner. FYI this is never done on Valentine's Day we hate crowds and my hubby can't wait for anything lol.  So I'm thinking the next day.  Fingers crossed he will agree to see Vampire Academy as our movie :)

Anyway back to our cheap V-day we decided to do homemade gifts.  And we also decided to keep it under $20

For my hubby I'm making Valentine Day Pretzels and a do it yourself Sundae kit 
Below I will describe how to do both!

Valentine's Day Pretzels

 Square pretzels 
Hershey's Kisses (I like the striped ones they look a lot cuter... avoid any with nuts they wont work)
plain M&Ms 
 Preheat oven to 200°. 
 Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. 
 Line up your pretzels and then place a Hershey kiss on top

 Bake for 4-5 minutes make sure your chocolate is soft, but not melted 100%.  I keep a very close eye on them.
Remove from the oven and quickly/carefully place a M&M in the center of each Hershey kiss
You can press down if you like.
Allow to cool complete..

And ta-da your done :)

And yes that blank spot you see with the chocolate is where I taste tested!!  SO YUMMY lol

DIY Sundae Kit

My hubby has a sweet tooth.  It is his weakness lol.  When I was  debating what to make him for V-day I knew from the start it would involve something sweet.  And then he started to complain about all the icecream shops not being open until Spring.  And it got me thinking why not give him the gift of Icecream...  And no I don't mean I bought him a tub of icecream I made him a DIY Sundae Kit.  Not only was it fun to make, but I was able to stick to my budget

Did I mention how easy this was to put together?
Wondering what is inside...

Sundae Spoon 
Chocolate syrup
Waffle bowl cones
crushed up wafers
Crushed up berry oreos
crushed up fudge cover pretzels
and of course sprinkles
Most of the stuff I already had at my house!  

V-day doesn't have to cost a lot it can be done cheap and it should be more about spending time with the ones you love.

I still have to put the kids gifts together.  I'm not 100% sure what they are getting yet :)