Hello Pull-Ups Goodbye Diapers House Party

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of hosting a party.  I was not paid in anyway to host this event.

Hello Pull-Ups Goodbye Diapers House Party

This is the 2nd time I was selected to host a House Party!  What happens when your selected is House Party sends you a box full of stuff to host a super fun party.
This time the party theme was Hello Pull-Ups, Goodbye Diapers!
First lets get a look at the party kit.

Quinn is in the process of getting potty trained.  So this party was the little boost he needed to start getting serious.  He wanted to show all his party guest that he was a big boy!

We played potty games and invited friends.  Some of his friends were also going through potty training and a few like his brother were a bit older so they could offer advice to the younger kids.
According to my oldest son the trick of potty training is thinking about the cool stickers moms gives.  I had to laugh.  My oldest the potty chart did work, with Quinn he seems to think he gets a sticker for just sitting on the potty(without using it).  My little cousin also taught us a super cute potty song that had a little dance!  The younger kids loved it :).

When the quest arrived everyone (age appropriate) was given a pull-up.  With the help of mommy they put them on and we the party began.
The kiddos were each able to easily pull down their own Pull-up and after they used the potty they were treated to one of the good packages above!
We played games ate lots of good food and had a blast!
Thank you house party for allowing me to host this party with my family!!