Children's Claritin Playmaker Playdates

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Children's Claritin Playmaker Playdates

I'm not sure how many of you have children with allergies, but its rough when your little one isn't feeling well.  Going outside is horrible. All my little guy wants to do is play, but the elements get the best of him and he ends up with itchy eyes and all the other nasty allergies symptoms.
I hate when my hubby mows the grass because I know its going to make his allergies act up.  Windy days seem to throw pollen every where.  Going outside stopped being fun and started to be more like torture for my little man.
  Its nice to have products that help, and that is what Children's Claritin does, its the #1 pediatrician recommended  24 hours non drowsy allergy medication!
They come in chewable, tablet and Redi Tabs.
When I found out I would be able to have a party I was exctied.
I was able to help my friends out whom also have children with seasonal allergies and I was able to better educate my friends who's children don't suffer for allergies. 

We played fun games handed out goodies and just had a blast!  Thanks to the help of Claritin my little guy was able to enjoy the day without paying the price later.

Some of the fun things we did were:
Backyard Obstacle Course - Use anything from boxes, cones, brooms, Hula Hoops and so much More.

Mudpie station -  Mud and water?  What else could a kid possible want lol

Water Sponge fight - All you need is a bucket of water and sponges....  The rest is self explainable :)

It doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you do.  Don't let seasonal allergies scare you and your little one from enjoying the great outdoors!!

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