#DIY Microwave all #natural cleaner

#DIY Microwave all #natural cleaner 

What you Need
2 Cups water
Sliced up lemon

1 Slice up a lemon
2 Place lemon and water in microwave safe bowl
(My hubby tends to put things in the microwave that pop and get EVERYWHERE) 

3 Zap on high for 2 - 3 minutes
4 Don’t open the door let sit for 10 minutes

Most of the stuck on stuff should come lose and be super easy to wipe down now

5 Remove bowl from microwave wipe it down then take a wash cloth and use the lemon/water mixture to finish wiping it down

Not only does it get your microwave clean, but it also smells really good!!  Its perfect if you have a hubby like mine who likes to make a mess and walk away, letting it sit over night and become impossible to scrub off....  This DIY microwave cleaner is perfect for that hard to get off stuck to the wall kind of dirty!