#DIY Summer check list and school countdown #kidscraft

#DIY Summer check list and school countdown #kidscraft 

Summer is almost here and with it comes all the summer time fun!  My son asks every day how many more days until summer.  You see we made a check list of things we want to do this summer and we are going to do at least 1 each week!
So after answering him everyday for the past 2 weeks I decided to help him figure it out on his own and we made a countdown marker!!  Not only does it mark how many days left until school is over, but it also has our summer check list at the top :).

What you need:

Markers/colored pencils/crayons 


I’m sure the craft is self explanatory 
Simply cut strips of paper and write numbers on them to mark how many days of school are left.
Tape them to a summer check list of things you can’t wait to do this summer
Every day after school let your little one pull a ring off.
I placed ours right next to where he hangs up his coat, book bag, hats and shoes. 

That way after school he can take that all off and pull off a ring :)
Its our new routine!! 

Now if only we can convince Jekyll our cat to leave it alone!!  That is her in the bottom corner....  She likes to attack the hanging rings lol

I guess I should write beware craft is not cat approved :)