Mrs. Renfro's gourmet food review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Mrs. Renfro's gourmet food review

Award-winning MrsRenfro's salsas and gourmet food are perfect for that foodie dad or foodie dad-in training wanting to show off his cooking or grilling prowess. 
MrsRenfro's salsas are: 
Made only with natural ingredients 
 Easy to use--every jar comes with a tasty & simple recipe right on the label
Affordable 16-oz jar retails between $3.49 and $3.79 
Easily found in most leading grocery stores and chains 
Specialty flavors include: Peach, Raspberry Chipotle, Black Bean, Mango Habanero, Pomegranate, Roasted, Garlic and award-winning Pineapple and Ghost Pepper and so many more amazing flavors
And if you read my review at the bottom and don't want to take my word on how amazing Mrs. Renfro's is you can check out the the May issue of Woman's Day magazine.  They named MrsRenfro's Pineapple and Ghost Pepper salsas among two of its top 13 salsas in a taste test.  

My review:
When I knew I would be able to review with Mrs. Renfro's I was pumped!  I knew my hubby and dad both liked Salsa and I couldn't wait to introduce them to Mrs. Renfro's. 
First I had to go to the site and pick out 4 flavors.  I was beyond impressed with the huge selection!  They have something for everyone and they range from mild, medium and hot.  Some of the flavors I've never heard of before such as Pineapple, ghost pepper, nacho cheese salsa, mango habanero and so many more!
Picking 4 was hard, but I choose the following:
 BBQ sauce - I will be honest this was a selfish choice.  I myself am the big BBQ eater at home so this was for me :)

I tried a new recipe using Mrs. Renfro's BBQ sauce and it was amazing!  And easy to make all you need is:

Mrs. Renfro's BBQ sauce enough to cover meatballs
3/4 grape jelly
1 tsp. garlic powder
Frozen meatballs

Put them all into a pot and cook until Meatballs are hot.
Stick a toothpick in them and you have a tasty, quick and easy to make appetizer

Oh and if you are like me and try to reuse everything.  I was able to take the sauce mixture from my pot and place into a small  container and freeze for a later use.

I also got to try
Nacho Cheese sauce
Mild Salsa
Garlic Salsa

Nacho Cheese Sauce - All I have to say is you will never look at Nachos and cheese the same way again.  From this point on any other Nacho Cheese sauce will seem like a bland flavorless shadow compared to Mrs. Renfro's!  The natural flavors shine.  My hubby even used this on his morning omelet. 
 Mild Salsa  - My kiddos like Salsa, but can't take the heat.  This was perfect for them.  They were able to enjoy the great taste of Salsa without feeling the burn :)

 Garlic Salsa - We eat a lot of garlic in my house.  I can eat garlic on almost anything.  When I seen there was a garlic Salsa, I knew we had to try it.  My hubby and I tend to reach for this one the most.  Not only is it good on chips, but my hubby claims he likes it on crackers too :)

Mrs. Renfro's has taking Salsa and gourmet sauces to a whole new level of yummy.  I adore that I can taste the natural flavors.  Not only can these be enjoyed just so, but they make amazing recipes and additions to already favorite foods.
And if you have time you so want to check out this link to their Mexican fudge recipe on YouTube!
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