Outnumber Hunger House Party

Disclaimer:  I belong to the website House Party.  From time to time I am able to host House parties in order to raise awareness for brands or causes.  I am not paid in anyway to host these parties all opinions are my own.

Outnumber Hunger House Party

I am always hosting parties at my house.  Normally its to watch movies, play games or even just play dates for my kiddos.  For the first time ever I got to host a party to raise awareness for a great cause.

Outnumber Hunger is an amazing cause and I would love to tell you more about them.
Outnumber Hunger in your community by entering the code from any specially marked General Mills package at OutnumberHunger.com and help Feeding America secure 5 MEALS on behalf of local food banks.

I want to take a moment to mention all the amazing companies working hard to support OutnumberHunger:
Feeding America is the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief charity. Its network of food banks helps provide millions of low-income individuals and families with the fuel they need to survive and even thrive. 

Founded in 2005 by industry veteran Scott Borchetta, Big Machine Label Group contains Big Machine Records, Republic Nashville and The Valory Music Co. The company’s star-studded roster of country music artists are working to help fight hunger in local communities across the United States. 

General Mills has supported Feeding America for more than three decades to help nourish hungry children and families. Last year, General Mills® donated more than $46 million in food to help feed the hungry all around the world.

I educated everyone at my party on how to enter codes and I thought it would be a good idea to do it here in my post too.
You simply purchase specially marked packages of General Mills products. (Such as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, ect...)  you then locate the 6 digit Outnumber Hunger Code. You enter you code at Outnumber.com then you enter the zip code where you would like feeding america to direct your meals.

Its that easy and it will make a huge difference in someones life.

If you want to see which brand are participating you can check out the list here 

I was amazed that most of the stuff on that list is stuff I already buy all the time!

For my party I asked everyone to bring a special marked package so we could enter our codes online.  My dad then volunteered to drop the food off at a local food bank.

My dad said something corny as always, but it was also something very true.  He said to us that we spend hours on the computer every day doing non-sense.  He said making a difference in another's life would only take us each a moment.  We wanted to test and see just how long it took and guess what, it didn't even take a full minute to enter my code.  In under a minute I was able to enter a code and provide a meal for another.

We did have fun at our party and even had a cookout, but we tried to keep the main focus on the cause.