#DIY Air Freshener / room freshener

#DIY Air / room Freshener

I hate throwing things away.  I always convince myself that I can find a different use for it or that the second its gone I will suddenly need it again.  When my hubby and I moved out we had very little.  One of our things was this tiny pan that was hardly big enough to make anything.  

Over the years it got a lot of use and it has finally gotten to the point that I couldn't use it any more...
 For cooking at least.  
With that said my inner pack rat emerged and I hid it in my spare-bed room closet. 
As I was spring cleaning a few weeks ago I re-found it and decided to give it a 2nd life! 

I turned it into a DIY Air/room refresher

What you Need:
Small pot

There is no measurements for this you decided on your on how much to use.

1) Place small amount of water in pan
2) add vanilla
3) add cinnamon
4) Place on burner and turn to low/simmer

As your pot simmers it gives off an amazing aroma!  Its perfect to make the whole house smell amazing.

I thought of another way I could use this, but have not tried it yet.  I hate seafood, but my hubby loves it next time I'm making seafood I'm so trying this and seeing if it helps with the smell  :).