#DIY Nintendo DS game console holder #kidscraft

#DIY Nintendo DS game console holder #kidscraft 

I stopped carrying a diaper bag awhile ago.  I can now get away with just throwing a pull-up in my purse for any accident.  I hate throwing things away though, so that little portable wipe case that use to be in my bag has been sitting in my spare bedroom for over a year now.  

The other day my little guy begged me yet again to take his DS with us in the car.  I hate doing this, because I know I will have to put it into my purse when we get out of the car and I'm always afraid its going to get banged around and ruined.
Then I thought of that lonely wipe case in my room and I came up with the in-genius idea of making a Nitendo DS game console holder out of it!
First I got the wipe case and my spray chalkboard.

I sprayed it both inside and out to make the entire thing black!
I highly suggest doing this outside in the grass, it gets messy.

After it finished drying I collect more things to decorate.

I got out my liquid chalk markers
sport stickers
hot glue gun
and my button bags.... you know the bags that are attached to your clothing when you buy them that contain extra buttons.....  (I warned you I keep everything...) lol

I helped Quinn draw something on the outside.

Next we added those button bags to the inside for the perfect game holders.  We used our hot glue gun.

I wanted to test and make sure our system would still fit with the addition of games... IT DID :)

We then added our information to the inside.  Just in case we ever lose it with our system inside, this way they will know who to call to give it back :)... Oh and Quinn insisted this would be the perfect place for our football sticker

Our last step was to place more sport stickers on the outside and place our system in its new safe case :)

Since we used liquid chalk on chalk board paint I can remove and do a new photo at any time.

My little guy has a blast helping me make this and he couldn't wait for his brother to get off the bus so he could give it to him.

The only thing you really need for this craft is a diaper bag sized wipe case.  You can decorate it any way you want :)