J-Animals review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

J-Animals review 

Parents we all seen those super cute cuddliest plush playthings on TV.  You know the ones:
 HideAway Pets
Tummy Stuffers
They come from best-selling international toy manufacturer, Jay at Play.  We all know they are great for sleepovers, camp, travelling or just hanging out all summer long.

Well guess what parents they will soon be available at major national retailers!!  And when I say soon I mean soon, be on the look on for them June!

I personally was able to review a J-Animal
Jam with J-Animals!

Each of the irresistible new “wearable stuffed animals” in the J-Animals collection transforms from a fuzzy friend stuff animal into an incredible one piece “wearable stuffed animal!”  How awesome is that that kids of all ages can now become their favorite stuffed toy! And when it’s time to put the suit away, J-Animals simply roll right up into a conveniently compact, pillow-like plush pal. A perfect fit for slumber parties, sleep-away camp and just lounging around the house.
The all-new J-Animals “zoo” features five of today’s hottest character styles:
 a su-purr Cat, 
zany Zebra, 
paw-sitively awesome Dog, 
groovy Giraffe 
 magical Unicorn! 
They come in small, medium and large.  Making them perfect for small kiddos and bigger kids :).

My review:
My kids are in awe of the J-Animals!  They can't believe that they have wearable stuffed animals :).  I was impressed with how soft the material was and the fact it easily rolls back into its original form.  My little guys can't wait to sleep over my dad's house so they can show them how their stuffed pet comes to life!

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