PetBox review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

PetBox review and giveaway

If you are a fan of my blog then you are aware that I love my pets.  My pets are not something I own, but members of my family.  
I was super excited when I found out I was going to get to review a dog box with my pups.  Jekyll my cat is giving me the evil kitty eyes right now.  

Let me tell you a bit how it works:
You go to and fill out your pets age, weight, ect.  This way the box can be tailored made for your pet.
Next you choose a membership plan.  Regardless of which plan you choose each month there will be at least $50 worth of products.
Then every 30 days a box will be sent to you.  You have the chance to choose your products or be surprised.

What makes them stand apart from other pet boxes?
-PetBox is currently the only customizable box of premium pet goodies, for both cats and dogs
Meaning that you can pick what is in your box.  If you like surprise then you can still choose that as well.
- All products are made in the US
- For every PetBox purchased, a rescue animal is fed.  I love this, m
y Rocky who passed away in January of 2012 was a shelter pet, I love hearing about companies and people helping them out.
- Toys and treats are customized by dog or cat size.  Which is great, what is perfect for someones Saint Bernard may not be perfect for a Pomeranian!!
- Every Friday, PetBox sends out a huge shipment of dog & cat food to a rescue shelter – picked by PetBox fans.
- Recently partnered with BOGO Bowl  to donate food to shelters.
As I said my Rocky was a shelter pet, so as I was reading about all the amazing things they do for shelter pets I had to smile.
Want to learn more?
See my link below:  

My review:
My pets loved the pet box.  I have 3 pups and each of them enjoyed all the items.  I adored the fact everything was well thought out and they had premium toys, treats and pamper products for my fur babies.

I want to talk a little bit about each of the products.  And trust me you are going to be in awe of how much was in my box!

First up was the O'Tom Tick Twister.  I live in the country area, I'm surrounded by woods fields and all sorts of wild life.  Ticks sadly are a huge part of my summer.  I hate pulling them off with my fingers because sometimes they slip free and to be honest it grosses me out to touch them.  The tick twister is the smart and safe way to remove them.  And it can be used on people!

Next I pulled out the Cheddar Cheese Crunch Woofs.... Get ready for it.... MICROWAVE DOG TREATS!
This is the first time I have ever gave something like this to my pups and they LOVE it!  When I'm in the kitchen making food my dogs are ALWAYS waiting and hoping I drop something.  I'm sure you can imagine their surprise when I was actually cooking for them lol

Outback Jack double diner bowls.  These are great for food and water 2 bowls in 1.  Waterproof liner, zips up fast and dries quick.  Lucy goes with us to the lake and even camping.  Its nice to have a travel bowl for her. I plan to keep this in my glove compartment for her so whenever we are out and about I will be prepared.

Hydro Ball - My Lucy is a black lab and she LOVES water.  This toy was a huge hit with her.  Not only can I get it wet for us to play with in the back yard, but I can also throw it in the pool for her without worrying the water will ruin it.

Slurp' n fresh - I love my fur babies, but they have horrible breath.  Morning kisses are great and all, but I hate dog breath first thing in the AM.  Slurp' n fresh you simply place in their water and let oral hygiene solution do the rest.

RedBarn Naturals - This is can dog food.  It has no fillers, no grain, no artificial flavors or colors!  Its all natural with added vitamins and minerals!   My pups went crazy for this!  Since we only had one can I made them share it.  They each got a huge spoonful into their reg. food.  They LOVED it!  Rufus kept coming back over to me I guess hoping I had more for him lol

Last and surely not least was the perfect form herbal digestive supplement.  Its helps to support proper digestion and intestinal health.  It could be used for both cats and dogs.  Its easy to use you mix it with water and then just add it to your pets food.  They get the support they need and they dont even realize it :)

My pups loved their pet box and I was super impressed with everything inside.  It was all high quality and I can see myself buying more and recommend them to all my friends.  I love that we got to try companies I have not heard of before.  I'm always on the look out for new great things and with PetBox I get to do just that!

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