Petbrosia review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Petbrosia review and giveaway

 I spend a lot of timing worrying about my pups.  I'm always wondering if they are eating the right food, if their toys are harmful, are they scared when I leave them home alone, do they feel safe, do they feel loved?
Some of these I will never know the answer.  Others I can do my best to make sure I'm giving 110%.
Which brings me to their food.  I have 3 dogs and they are all different ages, weight and breeds.  I'm not sure if you knew this, but different dogs need different diets.   What may be perfect for my lab, might just be super un-healthy for my puggle.
I wanted to find a dog food that was not only all natural and good for my pups, but a food that was designed with them in mind.
After quite a bit of searching I came to Petbrosia!
Wondering who they are?
Petbrosia is a dog and cat food delivery service.  They are pet scientist that create a diet based specially on your pets age, weight, breed and health issues.  Their ingredients are all natural and made right here in America.  You can go onto their website and answer questions that can help them better determine the perfect food for your pet.

Every pet is different.  Their bodies need different things and a 9 year old dog's needs are going to be different then a puppy.  Petbrosia realized this and set out to make food that was perfect for every pup.

They place a lot of time and love into their food.  They focus on healthy weight, radiant skin and coat, lasting energy, healthy joints. stronger teeth, strong defense and healthy digestion.  They understand our love for our pets.  They know we want to give them the best.  They work hard to make that happen.

I wasn't sure if I should just jump in and change Lucy's diet 100% so I checked out the site to see what they thought.  Here was a helpful chart to show me how to slowly switch her over to her new diet:
My review:
I can't tell you how it taste!  As much as I love my blog readers I'm not willing to eat dog food to give you all the details, but  I will say this Lucy gobbled it up!  I thought for sure she would be a pain about switching her diet, but I was surprised she jumped right in.  As I said before I loved it was all natural and the ingredients are fresh.  I also enjoy the fact its delivered right to my door.  No more lugging huge bags of dog foods around the super market.  It has been almost a week now since Lucy started her new diet.  She loves it and I'm proud to feed her a food I trust!

If you wish to learn more see my link below:

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