Pretzel Crisps® review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Pretzel Crisps® review 

The Pretzel Crisps® catch phrase is Rethink Your Pretzel
After I had my first taste I understood why!
Before my review I want to tell you a bit about the product:
~ 0G Trans Fat
~ 0g Saturated Fat
~0mg Cholesterol
~ And only 110 Calories!!!
~ Lots of flavors to choose from
~ Resealable bags. 
~  And to top it off they are a company you can trust.  The Wilson family has been in the food industry since the 1970's!

Pretzel Crisps® have so many different flavors it hard to choose a favorite.
I got to review:
Original - I paired these with almost everything!  From  cheese, dip and even chocolate

Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper
Chipotle Cheddar

Buffalo Wing - So good with a little bit of blue cheese!  Tasted just like my favorite wings :)

EveryThing - Tasted great with a bit of cream cheese and some chives.

Honey Mustard and Onion - My hubby placed ham and Swiss cheese on these and said it was amazing!

Jalapeno Jack
Garlic Parmesan

And I got to try 2 flavors of the all new minis!
Same great taste as the Pretzel Crisps® normal size, but these are mini! Making them perfect for my little guys small fingers :)
I got to try
and Original!

Also they are so versatile, you can put almost anything on  Pretzel Crisps®!
 We tried them a few different ways!  Turkey and cheese, cream cheese and fruit, chicken and cheese, just cheese, and honey mustard.  My brother even put his buffalo chicken dip on his.
We were amazed  each time with the taste!   A few other things we tried was peanut butter, my husband tried every fruit you can think of with cream cheese.  Also he put blue cheese on the Buffalo Wing Pretzel Crisps®, and he loved it he said it was like eating a hot wing. Like I said these are only a few choices you can eat almost anything on them!!!

They are great for a quick snack, on the go, or to put out for a party. 
They are the perfect finger food and since they are so versatile you can make them fit any party theme!

 They are healthy and they taste good!  They really do make you Rethink Your Pretzel!! 

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