Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review all opinions are my own.


I am not a cat person.  When given the choice I will claim to be a dog person....  Cats are snobby, don't like love and ignore their owners.... (Please keep reading if you are offended my opinion has changed dramatically) In October of 2013 I was walking through my local flea market/auction and I came across a sign for free kittens.  I see this a lot and normally just walk right by, without even thinking about it.  For some reason that day an unnatural force persuaded me to walk over and look at the free kittens.  I told myself it was morbid curiosity....  I walked up to the cage and see this tiny kitten looking back at me with a half orange half black face.  

And some strange explainable feeling came over me... Could this be me thinking a cat was cute!!  (Insert Alf here making some sort of gross noise over me being a cat lover.)

  But here I was for the first time ever looking at a cat and thinking what my life would be like with her.

 I shook my head and began to walk away.... Stopped turned around and asked if Quinn and I could hold her.
After a minute or 2 I gave her back.  At which point Quinn began to cry for the kitty.  And this sweet little strange colored kitty just kept looking at me as if begging to come home.
I asked to hold her again.  I began to tell myself lies that if I didn't take her some sicko would see "free" and take her and do evil things.  Yes even though I wasn't a cat person I still love all animals and the thought of this sweet cat being hurt was what had me suddenly saying "I'll take her..."
Insert overly large eyes and a bit of confusion at the words that had just left my mouth.


The man grabbed a cardboard box packed her up and sent me on my way.
The whole way home I was trying to think of a way to tell my hubby how we came into possession of kitten.  And how in gods name was I going to train her. I trained my fair share of puppies, but this was a whole new ball game.
I got her home and after some convincing (Yes my hubby thought it was a prank) he finally accepted the fact we were now a cat owner.  I picked her name Jekyll because of her split colored face.  It reminded me of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Now fast forward 8 months later and I couldn't see myself without this cat.  All my previous thoughts were wrong!  Not only does Jekyll like love she demands it!  

She seeks my youngest son (Quinn) out every night so she can curl up in a ball and sleep with him.

  When I come home she is standing at the door waiting with my pups to greet me.  The weirdest things entertain her, such as me reading a newspaper and pencils!

  She has a huge personality and isn't afraid to show it. This sweet little kitten with the strange colored face wrapped her little paws around my heart and refused to let go.  If asked today if I am a cat or dog person I would honestly have a hard time answering.

With all that being said my cat experience is still limited to 8 months.  So at times I'm still not sure what is best for her and what things she would like.  Which is why I was thrilled to find Purr-Packs.
Its a cat monthly delivery box that comes right to your door.  Filled with treats, toys and all things your kitty is sure to love.  There is 3 box choices the teaser pack, fun & love pack and the multi-cat  mega pack.

Not only do you get your kitty a box filled with fun, each box sold 10% of the proceeds are donated to cat adoption places.

I know you are wondering is it worth the price?
And the answer is yes!!  My boys helped me unpack the box and we couldn't believe just how much was inside!

First was the mouse toys.  The one with the feather tail is Jekyll's favorite!  Some days she will lay around for hours just attacking this little mouse!

The balls were next and my kids love rolling these around for her.  Some of them make noise which added to the fun.

What would a kitty box be with out some yummy treats!  This box had her favorite "Temptations" and also a new treat for her to try, feline greenies.

Next was the adorable kitty collar.

The box also had things to help with her grooming.  A brush which worked amazingly with her fur.  She has been shedding a lot lately.  Also a scratching board.  The board came with cat nip which you sprinkle on to promote her to use the scratch board and not the couch. 

Last was by far my favorite.  I use grocery bags when cleaning her litter box.  I'm sure anyone who ever used them knows how hard it is to hold the bag with one hand and try to scoop with the other.  The litter pal makes this so much easier its a box that comes with bags!   You simply set your bag up in the box and scoop away!  Its a hand free bag, making litter cleaning all the faster!!

The things in my box were well worth the money and Jekyll loves all of them!!  The sweet strange colored kitty (as a like to call her) deserve only the best and Purr-Packs is definitely that :)

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