TriCalm stop the itch!

Disclaimer:  I was given product in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

TriCalm stop the itch!

Summer time brings a lot of things....  Including bugs, poison ivy and sorts of other icky summer time rashes!
No matter how much bug spray I apply to my kiddos, they still been itching and scratching ferociously at their arms and legs after their outdoor adventures. 
I hate having to put stuff on their skin, I look at the ingredients and think to myself 'if I can't pronounce 90% of what is in it how the heck can I feel safe applying it to their skin!!'

TriCalm hydrogel is a dermatologist-recommended anti-itch product that provides rapid relief to summer skin irritations that come from insect bites, poison ivy and itchy rashes. It is a safe, steroid-free gel that decreases the sensitivity of the nerve receptors in your skin responsible for sending signals of itching to your brain.  No more ripping their little skin apart trying to get rid of an itch!
Because the gel is steroid-free and does not thin your skin like other ant-itch products, it may be used on sensitive skin and reapplied throughout the day.  Not only is it great for kids, but adults too.  My sister has eczema she suffers from sensitive skin year round and has to be very careful what she uses.  She was able to use TriCalm without any negative reaction

Its hard it is to find products that are safe enough for kids!  With TriCalm I can feel good knowing I'm giving them much needed relief without placing something harmful on them!

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