Around the Block

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 FilmInk Random Media and Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) are releasing AROUND THE BLOCK on Theatrical, DVD, VOD and digital platforms in August. 
Starring Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee Christina Ricci, AROUND THE BLOCK is an inspirational drama that explores themes about breaking cycles and building dreams.
American drama teacher Dino Chalmers (Christina Ricci) moves to Sydney's Redfern district to be with her fiancé and is hired by the local school in what may be the school's final term. Dino's passion for Shakespeare drives her vision of producing a school play as part of the Indigenous cultural program, and finds that 16-year-old Aborigine Liam (Hunter Page-Lochard) has a natural gift for performance. But there is a shadow over Liam's life, with his father in jail and his older brother determined to avenge the death of his uncle. With Dino’s encouragement as she faces tough choices in her own life, Liam confronts his past and eventually takes control of his future. 
Studio: Random Media 
Order Date: 6/24/14 
Release Date: 8/5/14 
 Language: English
 Subtitles: None
 CC: Yes 
No. of Discs: 1
 Runtime: 104 Minutes
 Genre: Drama

My review:
I grew up seeing Ricci in kids movies.  I remember loving her in Now and Then and Casper.  I was excited to see her play a complete different role then I'm use to seeing her in.  And I have to say she done an amazing job!  Around the Block is one of those feel good movies, where you find yourself hoping everyone gets a happy ending.  It filled with drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I was really able to connect with the characters and their story.  
I like how they young boy is trying so hard to be different then his family and give himself a real future.  Sometimes its tough to break a bad cycle though and we get to see Aborigine Liam go through this struggle.  
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