Farming Simulator 14, Nintendo 3DS review and GIVEAWAY

Disclaimer:  I was given a digital copy of the item in this post.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

Farming Simulator 14, 3DS review and GIVEAWAY

About the game:
The Farming Simulator 1is a handheld farming game!  It easily brings the joy of farming to the palm of your hand! The game is super challenging.  You have to work hard to grow an abundant, profitable farm. As you expand your farm you will encounter true-to-life challenges, obstacles, and even a few surprises! You must learn how to operate a working farm and carry out duties.  Some of these duties are growing your own fields, sowing seeds, caring for your crops, harvesting your bounty raising cows and sell the milk you collect.

 I live in the middle of no where PA we are surrounded by farm land.  My little guy thought it was awesome that he can now have his own farm and raise his own cattle!
Farming Simulator is not only fun, but offers a challenge.  
My kids like that you can drive the big vehicles around not only on the farm, but also to the businesses.   They also like that you are the one to grow and harvest your crops.  You have to plant your seeds, take care of them, harvest them and then eventually sell them.  Another huge perk is the fact you can use the map to see where everything is.  Not only are there fields, but you can also see the building in the game.  My little guys play this game more then I do, but when I was playing the game I liked that hints would pop on unto the screen.  This made is easy to figure out what to do and made navigating the game a bit easier.  I do think the hints could have been a bit more into detail or maybe even offer some sort of visual.  I'm not a farmer so sometimes I wasn't really sure what to do.
  Also there are coins around the game I was able to collect these and use them during the game and also at the store.  I liked being able to buy my own seeds and farming equipment.  This added to the fun of the game trying to save up and get something I really wanted.
I'm not sure how many of you played Zoo Tycoon, but this is what Farming simulator reminded me of.  You are not only able to grow and harvest your own crops, but you are able to interact a bit and watch you profits grow.

You can buy everything you need from the local businesses and sell them your crops.  My kids farm isn't ready yet, but you can also buy more land and expand your farm.

I do wish there was more tutorial though.  I found myself using a lot of trail and error.  Once I got the hang of things though it was pretty easy.  And I wish there was more life like feature!  Besides the cows I don't see many animals.  I think it would be fun to have chickens or some other form of farm life. 

Once you learn how to play though its pretty fun.  I would suggest learning how to use the equipment that was the hardest part for me.  Making sure to develop some sort of system.  For example you harvest your hay to give your cows you then get money from their milk which can be used to buy more seeds.  Make a system to take care of your fields.

To be honest my kiddos liked it for awhile, but soon grew tired of it.  I would suggest this for an older player.  The kids want to play a game that have immediate rewards, with Farming Simulator 14 you have to work hard and even then its only to buy more equipment to do more work.  So maybe not the best game for kids.  

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