Hallmark helping with back to school

Disclosure:  Items in this post were provide to me for free in order to write this post.  I was not paid in anyway to write this post, all opinions are my own.

Hallmark helping with back to school

This post is part of my Back-To-School guide!  More information can be found HERE

Back-To-School can be stressful to parents.  Between all the shopping, preparation and money spent we are left feeling tired and lets admit it, a little defeated.  
Sometimes though I think we get lost in our own stress and forget our little ones may be feeling it too.  My kids are terrified about getting a new teacher and for Quinn, preschool, it is his first teacher.  Brandon is afraid of starting a new class with new kids this change is stressing them both out.  As a mom and someone who went through school I want to tell them it will be fine!  After a week or 2 you will get into your new routine.  Its one of those things they need to do on their own and see for themselves it will all be okay.
With that being said I still want to do what I can.  Which is why I am in LOVE with Hallmark's Back-To-School items!  

They have a super cute collection of inspiring Back-To-School cards that are sure to put a smile on any little ones face.  I know Brandon's first day of 1st grade is going to scary.... So I'm planning on placing this card into his lunch box.  That way I will know at least he will be smiling at lunch when he gets his special card from home.
Getting a heartfelt card is one of the best feelings in the world.  Knowing someone went out of their way to brighten your day is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face.  I have so many Hallmark traditions already and I have a feeling that Back-To-School cards are going to be a new tradition.

Speaking of tradition I also received the Pics-n-Props!  Its a cute way to preserve all your kiddos first day of school from preschool all the way to 12th grade!  The first day of school each year only happens once and this is the perfect way to capture and keep those memories.  The kit includes 5 X 7 photo album, chalkboard and chalk, inserts for preschool through 12th grade and journal cards to record all the things that happened that first day.
I love how easily the props slid in and the fact I can also use the chalk to make my own prop. 
I missed preschool and kindergarten for Brandon Jr with the "Pics-n-Props".  But I did take his photo in the same place both those years, now I will have a way to make a traditional photo even more special.
I took photos of my little guys.  These are only practice photos, so I could show you just how adorable they look :)

Quinn is excited and can't wait to get into the first day of school photo fun!

Kids are stressed out about school and starting something new, Hallmark is here to help and make this time a bit easier.
If you have time you want to check out their Back-To-School idea page!  Its full of fun crafts, recipes and so much more!  The page can be found here

If you wish to learn more about Hallmark and all their fun Back-To-School items you can check out their website or even go visit them in store.