Milo's Kitchen review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  Regardless all opinions are my own. The Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats, gift cards, and information have been provided by Milo’s Kitchen®.

Milo's Kitchen review and giveaway 

Being a pet parent is a huge responsibility.  Pets are not an object we own, they are members of our family and should be treated as such.  Never would I go to the store and my Brandon and Quinn a package marked mystery meat....  Now the dog treats in the pet isles don't say "Mystery Meat"...  But some times they just should!  When I get my pups treats I want real meat and I don't want any of that artificial stuff.  

That is why I was excited to discover Milo's Kitchen is making a home-style dog treat that is made with real chicken and beef, with NO artificial flavors or coloring and its made right here in the USA!
Milo’s Kitchen® Treats:
         Our dogs deserve only the best. That means treats made in the U.S.A. with real chicken or beef as the #1 ingredient, and no artificial flavors and colors.
         Milo’s Kitchen® Home-style Dog Treats believes dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want for your food. That’s why they made a treat truck just for dogs!
         Each recipe is carefully prepared to bring out all the flavors your dog loves.Milo’s Kitchen makes a unique line of mouthwatering varieties for your dog including: Chicken Meatballs, Beef Sausage Slices with Rice, Steak Grillers Recipe, Chicken Grillers Recipe, Grilled Burger Bites, and Chicken Jerky Recipe.

Okay I know a few of you are wondering what is a treat truck?  Well I'm excited to tell you all about it!
Milo’s Kitchen® Home-style Dog Treats is surprising dogs across the country with 100% real dog treats, such as Chicken Meatballs and Grilled Burger Bites that look just like food you’d prepare at home. From their very own photo booth offering family portraits and a dedicated lounge area, to delicious treats made right here in the U.S.A., each stop will create a food truck experience just for dogs – but they can bring their parents, too (that’s you!). The Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck will be coming to your area, so plan a special date with your dog and join us!
To see if they are coming to your area see my link below:

They will be coming close to me on August 5th!  I'm hoping to take my pups to the Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck, it sounds as if its going to be a lot of fun.

My pups got to sample a few of the flavors from Milo's Kitchen:
Grilled Burger Bites with sweet potato and bacon
Streak Grillers made with angus steak
Chicken Grillers

They ADORE them!  I can't go out into my kitchen without them surrounded their treat area waiting for a Milo's Kitchen treat.
We first tried the Burger Grillers.
I think its cute they look like little burgers!  Any yes that is Lucy's nose she started to stalk me the second I opened the bag.... They must have smelled that good.
I wanted to get a photo of everyone trying them for the first time!
I know its hard to tell, but this is Lucy.  When it was finally time for her to try she all but knocked me and the camera over.  So all I got for her first bite was her nose lol.

This is Rufus and his crazy eyes....  Yes we get crazy eyes w/e he really likes something or his arch-nemesis the vacuum cleaner is around.

And of course my sweet Emma taking it really nice and quietly going off to a corner to eat it.  Some days I wonder how 2 of my pups turned out crazy and them little Emmie is so sweet and quite.
Even though I can't tell you how they tasted I can tell you by my pups reactions they must have been pretty darn good!!
When I opened the bags they smelled like people food.  I could tell even before I read the ingredients that real meat was used.
They thing about Milo treats is the people who make them are pet parents.  They understand we want the best for our pups.  They know and understand pets on a personal level.  

Our pets look to us for everything.  We need to offer them only the best and I truly think Milo's Kitchen Treat are the best.
Fingers crossed I get to take my pups to the treat truck it sounds as if its going to be an amazing day out with my pups!

Today 1 super lucky Simply Me reader has the chance to win a Milo's Kitchen Treat package and a $25 Visa Giftcard.
You must be 18+ to win and live in the continental USA

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