The Magic School Bus Take a Dive review

Disclaimer:  I was products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

The Magic School Bus Take a Dive review

If you read my other posts from today you will know we had a movie night on Saturday.  After a long week of vacation time and so much to do my hubby and I were exhausted.  So we spent Saturday night watching movies and relaxing with the kids.
We saved what I think was the best for last.  I LOVED The Magic School bus growing up and I couldn't wait to introduce it to my kids.  The fact a book came with this review was a huge added bonus.


Get ready for Back-to-School with a special edition The Magic School Bus DVD and chapter book set!

Cinedigm  and Scholastic are releasing THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS DVD+BOOK: TAKES A DIVE on July 22nd. For the first time, fans can own a special DVD and book bundle focusing exclusively on ocean exploration with Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus gang.

Featuring four full episodes of the Emmy Award-winning television series along with an 80-page book on ocean exploration, this is the newest addition to the popular line of THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS DVDs. Based on the beloved children’s classic book line by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen, this broadcast series explores everything from the tiniest cell to the largest galaxy using fun, kid-friendly adventures.


DVD – Journey to the depths of the ocean with four Friz-tastic episodes including Goes to Mussel Beach, Gets Swamped, Takes a Dive and For Lunch. Explore everything from coral reefs, tidal zones and wetlands with Ms. Frizzle, Liz and the rest of the gang in the greatest adventures under the sea!

BOOK – What starts as a class trip to the aquarium ends in the depths of the ocean, where the class has to escape from the jaws of a great white shark. Ms. Frizzle teaches the class all about different shark species, including the goblin shark, the angel shark, and the enormous whale shark.

My review:
I remember as a kid not only did I like the adventures, but also the learning.  This wasn't like sitting in a classroom and getting fact after fact this was fun learning!  My all time favorite episode was when the shrunk the bus and explored the insides of a human body!
I knew my kids would love the show and as a long time fan I also knew they would learn.
The show was just as sweet and fun as a remember it to be.
I got to see all my old favorite character and watch them explore and learn.
If you have kids I would highly suggest this dvd.  Not only as a mom who watched it with her kids, but as a grown up who can still remember stuff she learned from the show!