8 Back To school Traditions to start this year!

The new school year is about to begin!  Kids and parents everywhere are preparing for the big day.  

Whether they are starting first grade, 4th, 8th or even their senior year it is always fun to have some traditions.  Something to look forward to and something they may one day share with their kids.

Here are a few ideas:

1) First day photo

These were just practice photos, but every year we take a photo, we are excited to use our new photo prop and go in our front yard in front of our weeping willow tree.  Not only do I get to see how much our boys grow each year, but I also get to see how the tree we planted grows with them.  Brandon jr will be taking his 3rd photo he likes to compare them and see just how big he got.
Photo props are from Hallmark :)

2) Special end of summer lunch
Plan a day where you can do some last minute back to school shopping and then grab something to eat.  Use the time to talk about school and ask your little ones what they are looking forward to this year and if they are afraid of anything.  If you child is older ask them what they hope to accomplish this school year and see what you can do to help.  My parents never did this with me, but I was much older then my little sister and I did it with her.  And I know she looked forward to it, because her last few years in school she would ask me when we are going to dinner.

3) All about me before and after 
Fill out an about me paper before school starts and at the end of the year to see how much they have changed.

4) Off to school we go, bus rituals.
 School bus rituals can be fun too!  My hubby goes into work late the first day of school so he can see our little ones off with me.  My son looks forward to it.  My mother in law comes down we wait for the bus together and we all make sure to wave goodbye :)

5) Lunch box love. 
 Last year my son had a lunch box with a chalk board built into it.  He loved getting little notes for me and his brother.

6) First day after school party.
  It doesn't have to be anything big, just hang a few streamers, blow up a balloon or 2 and welcome your kiddo home with a mini party.  I always make their favorite dinner that night, bake a special treat and normally rent a movie for them.  There is always so many papers for me to fill out its nice to have a movie for them to watch as I fill them out.  Plus if your little one had a bad first day at least they have the mini party to look forward too.

7)  A piece of home to take with them
 In case they do have a bad first day give them something to take with them.  Last year I wrote Brandon a note that said "I am so proud of you."  I placed it in his book bag and said if he starts to miss home just take it out and know that I'm thinking about him.

8) Bedtime talk
The night before the first day of school.  I put my little guy to bed and read his favorite book to him.  Then we talk about all the things he is going to learn this year and talk about all the new friends he is going to make.  We also talk about all the fun stuff we did over the summer.  He asks what I'm going to do when he is at school,  Its our way of saying goodbye summer and hello school, but also a way for us to spend time together.  Going to school is tough on all of us.   I miss them and worry about them and they are nervous and a bit scared to start something new.  

A tradition can be big or small.  It doesn't have to cost anything and can simply be a way for you to share a special time with your family.  Kids grow up so fast and it nice to give them something to look back on.  One day they will be talking to their kids and they will say "You know when I was little my mom always did this or my mom always had that" sometimes its the small things they remember most.