Cascade Platinum Dinner party #cascadeshiningreviews giveaway

Disclaimer:  This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Cascade Platinum Dinner party   #cascadeshiningreviews giveaway

This time of year is always busy for me!  School just started, so has soccer, PTO meetings, my boys both have November birthdays, several holidays and of course all the normal everyday things.  With all this going on at once I don't have time to do things twice.  I need it done right the first time.
Dishes seem to be the biggest offender when it comes to doing something twice!  I hate opening my dishwasher and realizing that my dishes are still dirty!
 I got an opportunity from Double Duty Divas to host 2 Cascade Platinum Dinner Parties.  So of course I did some research before the party and I was pretty impressed with what I read!  So I applied and to my excitement was APPROVED :)
With promises of triple action formula, no pre-wash needed and the power to remove 24 hour stuck on food I couldn't wait for my party.

First I was instructed to make brownies and let the pan sit over night.
I know a few of you are thinking that is crazy its going to be impossible to clean!  I too thought this and for sure thought my guest were going to laugh at me when I pulled a still dirty dish from the dishwasher.  
 I was to start my party by showing my guest the dirty pan and then during the party wash my brownie pan and show everyone the power of Cascade at the end.
So here is the before photos:

I love Brandon Jr's face!

We will see the after later. 
 I invited 10+ guest to my first party, as we enjoyed dinner I took the time to educate them on proper dish washing and to inform them about Cascade and its benefits:

1. Cascade Platinum delivers Cascade’s ultimate clean for dishes. It’s a premium product designed to achieve a clean so powerful it helps to keep the dishwasher sparkling while also delivering immaculately clean dishes each and every time. It even works on 24-hour stuck-on food! 
 2. Skip the pre-wash. Cascade Platinum works best when food soil is left on the dishes because its special enzymes latch onto that food, breaking it down so it can wash away. If there’s no food soil, there’s nothing for the enzymes to attach to and your detergent isn’t working its hardest for you. 
 3. Don’t worry about food left on the dishes damaging your machine or pipes. There is a garbage disposal built into the bottom of almost all dishwashers that works exactly like the disposal in your sink.

 By the end of dinner my brownie dish was done.  We all crowded around waiting to see the results and...

The brownie dish is on the top in the back.
No stuck on residue, no greasy feeling, no spots and my dishes smelled amazing.

My guest were beyond impressed!!

I had to post 2 photos of my nanny!  She doesn't understand cameras, she thought I was recording her and she kept turning the pan around and telling the camera what she thought and then afterwards told me that maybe she will be in a Cascade commercial hehe, I didn't have the heart to tell her I was just taking photos so I left her go on.
  You have to love grandparents!!!

I encouraged all my guest to go here:

And post first hand what they witnessed and how amazed they were at Cascade Platinum's cleaning power :).  I sent them each home with their own Cascade Platinum and Cascade Rinse Aids.
Have an opinion to share? Head to the Cascade website to leave a short review of Cascade Platinum( including #CascadeShiningReviews. One reviewer will win a Kitchen Aid Dishwasher!
To learn more about Cascade Please see my link below:

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