Saturday, August 16, 2014

Packing a School Lunch Featuring Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh

Disclaimer:  I was given a coupon to purchase items in this post.  Regardless all opinions are my own.

Packing a School Lunch Featuring Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh

I have mentioned in the past my oldest is a picky eater.  We  pack at least 90% of the time during the school year.  Even though he is a picky eater he still likes to switch it up a little bit.  So the easiest thing for me, is to make lunch choice menu.
Wonder what that is?

 Sorry if there is any typos I left My 6 year old help make the chart :)

We figure out which days we are going to pack for the upcoming week.  Then we plan those day out.  I tell my son to pick one or more from each category.  He has a lot of fun picking his items and I like knowing he is getting something from each food group.
Sometimes we argue though like when I tell him he can't have turkey and jelly on a sandwich lol

Speaking of Turkey one of the best deli meat products for school lunch is Oscar Mayer's Deli Fresh products!

They come in several flavors of ham, turkey and chicken.  They are always fresh and take a blah sandwich to WOW!
With flavors such as Italian herb style turkey, honey ham, chipolata chicken and so many more you can't go wrong.

Oscar Mayer is a great company always looking for a way to please its customers!   By offering things such as no artificial preservatives and lower sodium.  And as I said before there is so many to choose from you are sure to find something for everyone.
 They go above and beyond to deliver freshness is every bite!!
My family loves their Deli Fresh products and we have been using them on our Sandwiches for years now.  
I've always been impressed with their high quality and of course the taste of their food.

My son always tells me when I go grocery shopping to get him the turkey with the yellow label!  You know something is good when it gets the thumbs up for my picky 6 year old :)
If you wish to learn more please see my link below:


  1. I love your chart! That's very helpful. We have a pack of the Oscar Mayer turkey in our fridge right now :)

  2. We love Ocar Mayer lunch meat. My favorite is the cracked pepper turkey or Mesquite Turkey.

  3. Oh, I'm so stealing your chart idea ;) I always forget other options and get in a rut after a week or two of school!

  4. I love ways to help make sure the meal is balanced. Here in INdia many schools are vegetarian, which is fine for my daughter, but my son isn't... so we do nuts, which won't work in the US when we head back. Nice one.

  5. That chart is a wonderful idea. It not only gives your children some say in what they will be eating but can be used to explain proper nutrition as well.