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"I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. "

Crest ProHealth review 

I like writing reviews, anyone who reads my blog will know that.  I like trying new products and given my opinion.  Growing up my dad always told me that one day I should get a job that involves telling people what I think.  At the time it wasn't said with love lol
Even though my blog isn't a job it still fits the description.  As I said before I do like trying new products, but once in awhile I'm asked to review something I already use and that happens to be the case with Crest ProHealth!
Not only is it the only product I'll use, but I also have my hubby using it and my oldest son uses the Crest Pro-Health for me tooth paste.
When I found out via Smiley 360 I would be able to review with Crest I knew it was something my family would like :)

I did get to try something new!  I always use Crest Pro-Health with whitening,  so the toothpaste was an old favorite :)  But I have never used Tartar Protection Pro-Health line before!
So this was the first time I used the mouthwash.  I have used other Pro-Health mouth washes before, but it was nice to try something new.
First lets talk a bit about the Crest Pro-Health with whitening.
The Crest Pro-Health collection of dental hygiene products is inspired by dentists, and formulated to give you a healthier, more beautiful smile for life.
Crest Pro-Health is the only toothpaste that protects all these areas dentists check most: 
Fights cavities
Fights tartar
Whitens teeth
Freshens breath
Fights sensitivity
Fights plaque
Fights gingivitis 
Crest Pro-Health Whitening Toothpaste helps reveal your natural white smile. It contains whitening ingredients to effectively clean surface stains and clear away any  buildup while brushing. Crest Pro-Health Whitening reduces surface stains by up to 80% and helps prevent future stains. Crest Pro-Health’s clinically proven active ingredient protects against gingivitis, plaque, cavities and tooth sensitivity. Crest Pro-Health Whitening Gel Toothpaste - Fresh Clean Mint is triclosan free.
Crest Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control Toothpaste

Give your mouth the protection it deserves. Crest Pro-Health Tartar Protection Rinse not only helps prevent tartar and cavities, it's formulated to protect against surface stains and rebuild enamel. The invigorating sensation will leave your mouth fresh while you transform your oral health into Pro-Health. The only rinse that prevents tartar build-up and cavities. Rebuilds enamel. Helps freshen breath. Protects against surface stains. 
It is a healthy routine to help prevent cavities.

Crest Pro-Health Products not only clean your mouth, but you leave you feeling fresh.  They make you mouth look good, but also healthy there is a reason these product are dentist recommended!!
I have used Crest Pro-Health for so long now that there is no way I would notice an improvement since doing the review!  I've used the products before hand, but....  I can tell you as a long time tea drinker and sugar lover I should have horrible teeth, but I have not gotten a complaint from my dentist in years!  So Crest Pro-Health is keeping my teeth looking pretty good :)

If you wish to learn more about Crest Check them out here: