Aliquantum-International Color Clix

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Aliquantum-International Color Clix 

Brandon Jr loves buildings things.  If it involves using his hands to create and make something new he loves it.  My dad, brother and I are in business together of flipping houses and whenever I go to work on the house Brandon BEGS to come with.  He just loves to build.

When I found out I would be able to review Color Clix by Aliquantum International I knew they would be perfect for him.

What are Color Clix?
Use nature’s building blocks and imagination to construct virtually anything. The unique shape of the blocks mimic the same connecting angles found in atoms, crystals and DNA molecules, allowing you to build anything. You’re not limited by block shapes. It also exposes children to science and they don’t even realize they’re learning. 
The 3 dimensional structures take imagination to a whole new level.  No longer are kids limited to block shapes, since the clixs have connectors on each side, so you are able to turn them and connect them in any form your imagination can think of.   

Each Color Clix set comes with a imagination guide that can help get you started, but the possibilities are endless.

They are easy to click together no force is needed and they also easily come apart so clean up doesn't take forever.  The colors are bright and make for fun designs.  The pieces are also very durable, no need to worry about them breaking.

Who are they for?
Ages 5 +

Where can you learn more? 
 See my link below: