Build-A-Bear workshop How to Train your Dragon Toothless

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own/

Build-A-Bear workshop How to Train your Dragon Toothless

Guess who is now back in stock!!  That is right the much sought after Build-A-Bear How To Train your Dragon Toothless!  Please note I wrote this review back before the movies was in theaters and had to hold of publishing because he sold out that fast!

Every year at Christmas time I go shopping with my grandparents.  Its kind of a tradition, I remember as a kid I couldn't wait to go shopping with them.  Now as a adult I'm still excited, but I also love my grandparents are still alive and I'm able to share this tradition with my kids.
The one thing my kids look forward to is our annual Build-A-Bear stop.  See this mall is over an hour away from my house so we don't go often.  Every year though when I tell the kids we are going shopping with my nanny and pappy they automatically ask to the Bear mall!!!???
We normally buy our Bears online, but when we take them to the mall we get to give them a bath and try on new clothing and so much more.

So yes I can safely say my boys adore Build-A-Bear.  There is just something magical about them.  

Build-A-Bear are made to last.  Over the years I have purchased many and never once have I had a tear or rip.  Not only do they have Bears, but they carry puppies, and popular TV/movie characters.  

Which brings me to the newest member of our family....
TOOTHLESS from how to train your Dragon.  

 My kids are, when our box arrived my son asked when did we order a bear?!?!  Upon opening his jaw dropped and he looked at me in amazement!  My kids couldn't believe that they would be taking their own personalized Toothless to see the movie with them.
My son did inform me though that we have to get him an outfit online.  He claims its not right to go out in public with no clothing on lol.

Toothless is not only super adorable, but he is sure to be a huge hit with any dragon lover.  My boys have been talking about this movie for months now.   I couldn't wait to give them their Build-A-Bear Toothless.  He def. made 2 little boys very happy.

As I said at the beginning of the post this review was wrote months ago, but was delayed.  We did take our Toothless to the movies and everyone LOVED him and kept asking where we got him :)

Build-A-Bear also has grad. bears for those of you trying to think of a cute gift.  And they have My little Pony stuffed animals, Disney and so much more!

They have something for everyone.
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