Carrera Go! Transformers review

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Carrera Go! Transformers review 

Do you want to speed around the high-speed circuit as an Autobot or Decepticon?
With Carrera Go! Transformers slot car race track you have the choice!
 Whatever you decide, a exhilarating race  is guaranteed when you bring home these Transformers.
I was impressed with the speed, I kept thinking well how fast can they go.... Then we started them up and just WOW!  I started with Bumble Bee and I can't believe how fast he zipped around the track.  The fact it plugs into the wall was a huge bonus, my kiddos love it so much I would have went through so many batteries.

The Transformers set has a 5.4-meter circuit, a fly-over, a high-speed loop section for adrenaline-charged racing, includes hand held controllers and also includes Bumble Bee and Lockdown.

 It is sure to provide hours of entertainment, my kiddos love the Transformers and kept making these two battle.  Something about time for the epic battle of good vs. evil lol...  No clue, when it comes to Transformers these boys know more then I do.
Even though I didn't know much about the show I did love racing around and watching my boys have fun. 
The track was simple enough for my hubby to set up.  I did read on their site you can add more track to basic sets!  The track did take a bit of time for my hubby to put together, but once it was together it was so sturdy I didn't have to worry about it coming apart.  Which was great, I could set the kids up walk away and not have to worry about them yelling for help to get the track back together! 

This is a great toy for Christmas that is sure to provide hours of fun, if you are not into Transformers that is okay because Carrera has so many other tracks to choose from!

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