Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Disney Pixar Collection: My Photo Friends review

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Disney Pixar Collection: My Photo Friends review 

Quinn really enjoys puzzles.  He can sit for long periods of time putting them together.  And each time he finishes he comes finds me and points to his puzzle with a huge smile on his face.

I like that puzzles help him with hand eye coordination and promblem solving.  As a mom I struggle not to get up and help when he keeps turning the same piece trying to get it to fit into the spot.  I do stop myself though, because when he does finally get the right piece he is so proud of himself.

This Holiday season puzzles are being taken to a whole new level by the Disney Pixar Collection: My Photo Friends.

They are puzzles that put your children's photo right into the puzzle!
My Photo friends are a 48-piece 2D puzzle featuring all of the beloved characters from Toy Story to create a working frame – leave the puzzle as-is to display your favorite friends from the film or insert your own photo and be one of the gang.

The pieces are big enough for little hands to manage easily.  Buzz can be taking out and a photo of your little one put in its places.  If you little one decided they want to put Buzz back they still can.
Visually you can see the puzzle is adorable!  With the whole Toy Story gang and the cute frame its hard not to love.
And as I said Quinn loves puzzles and he was so thrilled when he realized he was part of this puzzle :)

If you wish to learn more please see my link below:
Disney Pixar Collection: My Photo Friends


  1. I wish these had been around when my son was little - he loved puzzles! Toy Story anything is fun too.

  2. Kids would love this, we loved doing puzzles when the boys were younger.

  3. What a wonderful gift this would make for when my grand niece is old enough!

  4. My son is 5 years old and he hasn't really gotten into puzzles the way my daughter did. I wonder if he'd like this one since he loves Buzz lightyear!

  5. What a great gift idea and such a treat for kids to see!

  6. My nieces kids would so love these Disney puzzles. They would make a great gift for them indeed. Thanks for sharing