Dog Park Publishing review and giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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Dog Park Publishing review and giveaway

It is a well known fact I adore animals.
And you are about to learn something else about me, I like dogs better then people.  (With the exception of my kiddos of course :)!!)
  I am a very strong believer that no dog is born nasty.  All dogs are born innocent and loving and its not until nasty people get their hands on them that dogs start to get a bad personality.
And I know everyone by now is thinking Pit Bull, wondering why?  Because of people they have gotten quite a bad reputation.  The Pit Bull is a tough dog so bad people are attracted to them and use them to do bad things. The truth is, in the right hands Pit Bulls are one of the most loving caring breeds there is.
When I went to the shelter a few years ago with my aunt it was over run with Pit Bulls.  As my aunt went to look at the dogs each of the Pit Bull's wagged their tails, laid on their back and begged for attention.  My aunt petted all the pups there and guess what folks it was the chihuahua that ended up snapping at her.  Not saying chihuahua are bad, just pointing out that each dog has its own personality and that "breed" has nothing to do with it.

Okay for those of you wondering what does this rant have to do with the Holidays I am getting to that part :)
Dog Park Publishing is an incredible company that is raising awareness to show just how sweet and lovable the Pit Bull truly is.
They are selling calendars that show-mark this point.
The calendars continue Dog Park Publishing’s mission to showcase and celebrate the pit bull as a majestic, affectionate, and intelligent breed that is sorely misunderstood, and to help the organizations that rescue, rehabilitate and find loving homes for these dogs. Dog Park Publishing donates a percentage of sales of its calendars and merchandise to shelters and rescue groups across the country. Since its inception in 2011, the company has given more than $120,000 in cash and free products. 

 “We are hopeful that these calendars will help the public gain a better appreciation of the breed’s intelligence, loyalty, and gentle disposition,” said Alfred C. Martino, the company’s co-founder. “We commend the dedicated people at animal shelters and rescue groups, and are pleased to offer our calendars to them as fundraising items.”

Right now they offer 3 Pit Bull calendars.

Each of them  beautifully feature 12 months of breathtaking photos.

This Holiday Season you have the chance to do good and purchase a Dog Park Publishing calendar.  A percentage of the sale goes towards making shelter pups have a better life.  If you go to the top of my blog and click the "Wont you be my friend" tab you can see just how near and dear to my heart shelter pups are.

And not only are you helping shelter pups, you are also helping to raise awareness about the true nature of Pit Bulls.

Dogs aren't evil, people are.  Dogs don't have alternative evil motives, people do.  In the wrong hands any dog can turn bad not just Pit Bulls.  Pit Bulls are kind hearted, intelligent and loyal if given the chance they could be the greatest friend you ever had.

As you celebrate the holiday this year think about all those poor pups sitting in a shelter.  And since we are on the point of holidays and dogs I want to add something.  Dogs, cats and any pet are not objects.  They are living creatures that need love, care and attention.  It may seem like a good idea to get someone a puppy or kitten as a gift, but remember those puppies and kittens grow up and if you aren't ready to love an adult dog/cat then don't get them as puppies/kittens.  Shelters are over run with animals right now and its because pet owners (Some not ALL) are irresponsible. 
A pet is a member of the family, they are not an "object" to be owned.

Remember each Calendar sold has a percentage that goes towards shelters.
Shelter pups need love too and this small purchase can make a huge difference for them this holiday. 
If you wish to learn more about Dog Park Publishing and all the amazing efforts they make please see my link below:

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