Hammacher Schlemmer review

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.
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Hammacher Schlemmer review 

This Holiday season all parents are looking for top quality toys.  No one wants a toy that is going to fall apart after a few uses and no one wants a little one standing there with tears in their eyes over a broken Christmas gift.
I wanted to included only top quality items in my gift guide and when I came across the company Hammacher Schlemmer I knew I had found a top of the line company.  Not only do they sell toys, but they sell other high end items such as:
apparel, electronics, decor, sports items, holiday items and so much more!!

Clicking through their site I was beyond impressed at the different items they offer.  The site was super easy to use with nice headers and easy to use drop down menus.
They even have their own gift guide section to help with your holiday needs!

With so many great choices it was hard to pick who to review for.  I found something for my hubby, my dad, my mom, brother, sister, kids and just about everyone else in my family.  Their site really does have it all :)
  In the end I chose to review a kids items.  It was tough picking that item too since they offer so many amazing toys, but I did end up choosing:

This is the geodesic dome that assembles in less than 15 minutes for indoor or outdoor play. It provides a durable, safe structure for children to scramble over, under, and through, building agility as they climb. Each of its 52 bars supports up to 150 lbs. when secured with the included snap-in connectors yet unlike traditional metal climbing domes, the sturdy PVC plastic construction is lightweight, and it will not rust, peel, or become too hot or cold to the touch as seasons change.
 Ages 3 and up. 
50" H x 70" Diam. 
(27 lbs.)

So a few things I fell in love instantly was the fact it only weighs 27 lbs.  when UPS dropped this off I thought for sure I was going to hurt myself trying to get the box into the house.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was easily able to lift it!  Don't let the light weight fool you though The Instant Geodesic Dome can still hold 150 lbs!  Both my kids and several friends can climb on this all at once.  And the light weight is also nice once its built.  I can easily move this around in my yard.

The next thing I was impressed with was the PVC plastic.  My friend's daughter had a nasty burn on her foot this year from sticking it on a metal slide.  Playground equipment can get super hot and its no fun when its that hot.  With PVC plastic it wont get overly hot.  I don't need to worry about my little guys grabbing on and getting burns on their hands.

Putting the pieces together was easy no fuss trying to jam them together.  They simply snap together and it took me about 20 minutes.  Would have been less, but my pups kept running around and knocking my pipes everywhere.

The Instant Geodesic Dome is a sure promise of hours of fun.  Not only will kids enjoy climbing around, but it also gets them up and moving and building hand eye coordination.  

This mama is very impressed with the high quality.  And as I said its only one of many items offered by Hammacher Schlemmer!

To learn more about the company please see my link below: