Squashed, PlaSmart Inc. review

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Squashed, PlaSmart Inc. review

One things my boys can count on each year under our tree is interactive games.  Out of all the Christmas gifts, the games get the most use year round.  My boys are a bit competitive and playing board games is a fun and easy way for them to express that.  
The things I love about games is the whole family gets involved.  It is one of those gifts that keep giving.

I am always on the look out for new fun games that I think they will enjoy and I just recently found one!
Its a 3D board game, that requires you to squash your opponents from the game.  You simply roll the special game dice and then move up or around the board to strategically eliminate other player's pieces.

The game is really simple and was easy for my 6 year old to pick up.  Quinn my 3 year old played on my team.  You start off with the four showing sides and put your pieces in certain places at the start of the game, the king piece goes on top in the center. 

When everyone is in place you roll the special die to move I say special because it is only numbered 1-3.  After your die roll you may move, but only straight never diagonally. 

If you come to another players piece you can stomp it.  To stomp it all you do is push their piece down into the cube, making them lose one of their four pieces. 
My favorite part of the game was trying to get near the king piece.  When you get there you can pick which side to rotate the cube to in order to squash opponents on another side.  AND ENTIRE SIDE!!  This was also Brandon Jr's favorite part, every time he was able to take out an entire side there would be cheering and dancing. 
In order to win you must be the last player with a piece on the cube.

What I love about the game is how easy it is to play, my 6 year old picked it up with in moments of starting and is now able to play without assistance.  The game also makes you think, having a strategy is the best way to win.  The game goes quick, which is good when playing with a 3 and 6 year old.  

This has nothing to do with the game play, but I also like the fact the game is its own box.  Meaning that after we are done playing I can store all the pieces inside.

The game was fun, simple and quick to play and something the entire family enjoyed!
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