Vitamin C Facial Toner Review

Vitamin C Facial Toner Review

About the product:
CONTAINS 100% NATURAL and 95% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Also has Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that is vital to developing skin health and youthfulness. This antioxidant is needed in order for the body to produce collagen, which is what keeps your skin elastic and supple. 

A daily dose of Vitamin C with our Facial Toner Spray is a great way to restore a youthful complexion by helping to strengthen your skin to protect and fight against environment factors that speed up the signs of aging.
 CLEANS & SHRINKS PORES - When pores are clogged, they appear bigger because they are easier to spot. A toner contains powerful astringents - such as Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil - which purify your skin by cleaning and tightening pores, shrinking their appearance. 
COMBATS OILY SKIN - Those with oily skin will also rejoice using this reviving facial toner. The ingredients in our spray work to combat and remove excess oil, while restoring your natural pH levels so your skin is balanced.  
HYDRATES & PREPS SKIN - Each soothing mist delivers instant refreshment to your face. As your skin is hydrated, the MSM in the formula works to penetrate your pores to increase their elasticity. Your face will become more receptive to absorbing serums, oils, and moisturizers applied thereafter.

My review:
I am a fan of Vitamin C is facial products, I get super dry skin in the winter.  Vitamin C is the one product that makes my skin without making it overly oily.   I don't review beauty products much because I never really know what to say so I asked my sister what she thought and what she considers when buying something like this.
She told me price, smell, does it work and is there any side effect like greasy skin ect.

So lets cover price on amazon it is normally 44.95 which to me is WAY to high, but right now you can get it on sale for 19.95 which I think is a great price.  The bottle is 4 ounces. 

It had no harsh chemical smell and there was a really sweet light citrus smell.  So if you are like me and like the smell of citrus its perfect.

Does it work:
I am going to answer this on 2 levels.  First lets cover the spraying, I like that its a fine mist so I don't end up with a huge splash in the middle of my face.  I also like the fact it a large mist so it only takes 2 sprays to cover my face.
Now let talk about if it works on your skin.  I have only been using a few days and I can tell a difference.  My skin feels a bit tighter and a lot smoother.  My winter time dry skin didn't start yet, but I have a feeling when it does that the Vitamin C facial toner will handle it with ease.

Side effect:
No that I have notice as of yet.  There is no left over greasy smell, no horrible smell and no break outs.  Over all its a great product.

Now onto my issues.  The only issue I had with the product was shipping.  It did seem to open a bit when being shipped and spilled out into the envelope.  Not much, but I did have to wipe down the product.

Overall the small spill was just a minor thing and the benefits of this product far out weigh that tiny mishap!
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