Baby We Were Born To Run: Marathon Beauty Essentials

Disclaimer: I was given products in this post for the purpose of review. I was not paid in anyway to write this review. All opinions are my own.

 Baby We Were Born To Run: Marathon Beauty Essentials

Recently I received an email and the title of this post was the subject line.  At first I was going to skip over it, I don't run and and beauty essentials for running didn't really interest me.
Out of curiosity I did open it and I'm happy I did.
I don't run, but like most women I do have some beauty issues during the winter months.
Winter is my favorite season and I can spend hours outside when its cold.  The only thing is my hair and skin tend to take the damage.  Last year my face, hair and lips became so dry it almost hurt.

I looked at the list I was sent and picked 2 items to review:

Zotos 180 PRO Moisture Repair Discovery Kit from Sally Beauty Supply. It features ground breaking technology formulated with ultra-reparative Pro-Peptide Complex that repairs while gently cleansing and conditioning severely damaged, overprocessed hair. It will leave you with winning results that everyone will notice when you cross that finish line.
Not only does the weather dry out my hair, but the fact I put it in a tight bun and under my hat doesn't help.  Zotos 180 Pro Moisture Repair Discovery Kit helps with that kind of damage.  It give hair what it needs to repair and get back to its healthier looking self. 
So my hair is damaged.  Even as I sit here typing this post I have it pulled up in pony tail.  I never realized just how much damage this simple act was causing.  After using the Zotos Repair kit my hair looks and feels healthier!  Not only does it repair, but it also left my hair soft and gave it a healthy looking shine.
To learn more click my link below:
Zotos 180 PRO Moisture Repair Discovery Kit

Next I was able to review Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching makeup, which not only has SPF 15 but this lightweight foundation easily adjusts to your unique skin tone for natural-looking coverage. It is suitable for all skin types.  Long days outside can be brutal on your skin, Almay Smart Shade helps to protect your skin from the harsh elements.  
I have been wanting to use this since I first seen it advertised!  I kept pushing it off though, I use bare minerals for the most part.
After reviewing Almay Smart Shade I can def. see myself buying more!  It goes on smooth and leaves you skin with a perfect tone finish.  I want to mention at first I was shocked it was a bit dark, but after a moment or two it went to my normal shade.  I like how easily it is to apply and the fact it lasts all day! 
If you wish to learn more click my link below:
Both products were presented to me in an email about running and how they are beauty Essentials to runners.  I truly believe they are, but I also think they are perfect for all women.  Winter is tough on my skin and hair and I need all the help I can get in the upcoming months :)