Blue Orange Games Spot It! Alphabet Disney Frozen

Disclaimer:  I was given products in this post for the purpose of review.  I was not paid in anyway to write this review.  All opinions are my own.

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I sure just like many other households, Frozen has taking the Miller house by storm!!  I think that is the right quote lol

We have the movie, posters, toys, kindle apps, clothing, soundtracks, my oldest even watched Once Upon A time with me this year, because he seen the Frozen is coming preview :)

When Blue Orange Games told me I could go to their site and pick out a Spot It game for review I called my boys out and clicked the link.  In the first row they began to argue over the Planes and Jake and the Neverland pirates.
I told them to calm down there was more to look at... Then there it was in the 2nd row Spot It! Alphabet Disney Frozen..
Both my kiddos shouted FROZEN at the same time.. 

 I said okay well lets keep looking this was meant by earnest confused looks and a "But why we already found Frozen?!?!"

I did keep showing them more, but they both had their hearts set of Frozen and I can count on one hand the amount of times they agree on stuff.  So Alphabet Disney Frozen it was :)

About the Game:

Spot it! Alphabet Disney Frozen 
Winner of two Academy Awards, Disney Frozen has captivated imaginations worldwide. Journey with Elsa and Anna, along with an enchanting cast, as they match images and letters. Familiar characters and objects invite kids to learn, while devoted fans will be swept into their wintry world. Between any two cards there is always one, and only one, match. Spot it first and you’ll never want to Let It Go! 
 Visual Perception 
Speech & Language 
Focus & Attention 
Processing Speed 

Contents: 55 cards
 Illustrated Rules 

Ages: 3 and Up
 Players: 2 to 8 
Play Time: 15 minutes 

My review:
Spot It! Is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all ages.  It is a game of speed to be the first to find an item or a letter.  Not only did we have fun trying to be the first one to locate a letter, but Quinn who is only 3 started to recognize and remember some of the letters :).  Of course the Olaf card was their favorite.
The game goes pretty quick so it held both their attention and we even played a couple of games.
I just wanted to mention Spot It! is also perfect for traveling, we took this in the car and for once we had a nice peaceful trip with out yelling.  They sat in the back and played, the cards are small enough my oldest held them in his hands and on his lap.  The container is perfect size for my purse, so I have a feeling we will be taking this with us the next take we eat out.

I think any of the Spot It! games are perfect for stocking stuffers and kids everywhere are sure to love them!
Frozen is only one of themes, they also have Disney Planes, Toys Story, Jake and the Neverland pirates and so many  more!

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